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To the podcast where we believe there's another world is still possible on that together. We can make it happen. I'm underscored your host to this place. On the net where art meets activism politics meets philosophy and science meets spirituality all in the service of conscious evolution my guest. This week is talk to sharon blackie. She's an award winning writer. An internationally recognized teacher whose work sits at the interface between psychology and mythology and ecology and. That's what is her website. And it's true. But sharon is one of those women whose whose lives penetrate the magical side of the world more than anybody else i have known or met. She studied mythology and she studied psychology. And as you will hear in the podcast she brought those two together but then she lives her world. She went to live on the far southern tip of louis which is one of the outer hebrides on the west coast of scotland really on the edge of the world and from there she moved to the garland a now. She lives in mid wales. She's inhabited the celtic lands and has brought into her bones. The mythology of these places in ways that enables her to connect out into the world and share the realities that our ancestors lived and walked undreamt and danced and loved and died. Her work comes in many forms. She is the author of the book. If women rose rooted she's also written foxfire and we'll skin which is a series of just beautiful short stories and the enchanted life. And each of these if you haven't read them and you're a fan of this podcast then they need to go to the top of your reading list and we will put links in the show notes. Each of them is an exploration of the ways that we can be in the world where the magic is alive and they're based on sharon's understanding under scholarship and her life and therefore they are real so people are the podcast as we step into this enchanted life. Please welcome dr. Sharon blackie so. Dr sharon blackie welcome to the accidental. Goes podcast on this slightly wet and gray august. Although i think we will be putting this out in september afternoon how are you. And how is life in your part of the world. Thank you for having me on your wonderful podcast. And i am very well. And it's great here as well. And i love it because i really not some occurs and i'm a creature of the dog and i can't wait for september for the equinox. Yes i've been reading your book the enchanted life again. And you do say in that that. Come the summer solstice. When when the nights imperceptibly begin to grow longer you settle into the world and yourself. And i know so. Many people who go into mourning as some are peaks and heads for winter. And it's really a key part of who you are. I would say that the dark has your place. So i love to explore that at some point but before we get there tell us a little bit about how sharon blacky came to be the person who wrote the enchanted life. The person who is writing achieved the person who runs all of the extraordinarily online.

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