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You know injured. And we're taking is that have are coming off an injury laden season and it just turned into an absolute turnstile with the offensive line. But when you look it's like hey let's drive penny soul but as i alluded to. That's why would have taken. But you know as i mentioned. It's like the amount of three wide receiver sets. That zack taylor plays. He believes his third. Wideout is starter. And that's just how he's ingrained. The other problem is penny. School has said that he's terrible right tackle and so if you think you already have your franchise left tackle. That's why that's partly why they didn't take because they weren't sure they could kick him right in that he would obliged to playing that position and he's proven to not be overly great from that position so he says but at some point you just a hanging to go get the best left tackle in this draft will figure out who's moving to right. We'll figure out what we're doing because right now. The interior of this offensive line is just horrific. So you have to be strong other places. But then they also went out and signed riley reef. So maybe that's the patchwork that they wanted at right tackle but again it falls in line with what they've done for the last decade like we're gonna take someone else's old scrap heaps the minnesota vikings who needs some offensive line. How like riley reef walk right. So it's just it's just a mess organizationally and where you see them. Spend more so on. The defensive side is is a little bit of an issue as well. Yeah you mentioned that spending on the defensive side. Second season arroyo. They've gone on a shopping spree so to speak in free agency this time over one hundred million dollars including allocating a huge amount of money to trey hendrickson. The pass rusher from the new orleans saints. And when you look at the bengals goner familiar faces like kara lawson gino atkins. We know wanted it out william jackson. We talked about an impact. He's going to have in a new destination and mackenzie alexander on what was a semi friendly franchise friendly bill of only one year but this is a bengals team bottom half and total defense. Each of the last five seasons worst defense against the run over the last two years and last season they gave up the most plays of twenty plus yards while also accumulating the fewest sacks definite correlation. Between what can we expect for the bengals defensively. I mean it's hard to get worse. But do we see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel for what the stop unit can become. I'm really surprised. Lewin aroma will kept his job. But there is this bond there between him. And zack taylor. They're both in miami together. But this is really an organization that loves to procrastinate and use bubblegum to fix its holes. It's it's cincinnati. Just kind of what they do. So i i was a little surprised that they kept defensive. Coordinator is the lowest prices. Iron the first place. The bengals defense did deal with below average injury luck. So let's factor part of that in. Dj reader only played five games. He was their big signing last off season. Trae wayne's was another large. He missed the entire season with a pack but since he played a bottom ten schedule of offenses and finished sixth worst in defensive efficiency. That can happen. The scheduled projected offenses and passing. Offense does increase by tiny bit this season from a construction standpoint. You would think. Just kind of glossing over this as i did that. Cincinnati has a clue right six most expensive defensive lines seventh most expensive secondary one of the cheapest linebacker unit you like manage team analytically savvy. They really allocate their funds. Great but when you dig into the players. We've kind of hinted at this and where they've spent money. It's it's it's interesting like i. Think the defensive lines a little better than most do. But you'll let carlos lawson walk. He had a twenty four percent. Pass rush win rate last season. He signed with the jets for forty five million since he decided to spend. Forty million. On sam hubbard solid player. Number one run stop win rate but he had a pass rush win rate of ten percent six worst among qualifying defensive lineman. It's really an interesting choice to make knowing. This is a passing leak since he did sign. Trae hundreds things as you mentioned at the top there from new orleans yet. A monster season so to me. That's the definition of buying it peak after thirteen and a half sacks in the fourth is pressure right and it's difficult to project that kind of player. I know east twenty six so you know his peak might be rising but that is a tough season replicate especially when you think about this. He's only played forty five percent of snaps. The last two seasons. It's far different being arrested. Situational pass rusher going against an every down left tackle right but the defensive line is the strength of the bengals defense. They added larry ogunjobi as well but something to note since he faces a top five schedule of pass blocking offensive lines the season. So it's a massive leap. Sam hubbard needs to be better getting to the quarterback hendrickson can't regress if he's going to fill the devoid of lawson. There's question marks in the secondary. I'm not a tray winds guy. I voiced that over the years. Really bad hips thinking. He's going to fill. The void of william. Jackson is not going to happen. It's it's going to be a downgrade. They're the bengals decided to kind of go the volume route in the secondary. The last few years hoping that one guy can play to potential. So you go out. And the incas like shadow be in. Eli apple and apple reconnect with his ohio. State buddy von bell. So there's varying degrees of math with with with trae wayne's and should. Ob lie apple. Jessie bates though one of the best safeties and football. He's gonna clean up a lot of miscues from the corners. I do the mike helton signing. He's been great in the slot finished fourth and adjusted yards allowed coverage snap and a seventy one passer rating last year. He's.

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