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Set for their second game of this three game series in Chicago. Back the Wrigley Field, we go now and with all the play by play, here's Tommy throw Thank you yet. I'll tell you what the weather has really turned around. It has become a beautiful night here in Chicago earlier about an hour ago, it was pouring rain. There were storms in the area Tornado spun up somewhere here in Chicago Land. And, uh, well, Fortunately, that has all moved on. And now we're looking at clear blue skies overhead. Certainly McGee in Chicago tonight, a gentle breeze blowing from left to right now, the Cubs will take the field behind their starter, Adrian Sampson, and let's take a look at tonight's starting lineup. We begin with David Pels visiting Reds there, 73 66. Still just a game out of that second wild card spot. The Padres currently own that one game lead leading off the second baseman Jonathan India, hitting second and center field. Tyler Nay Quinn, batting third, the right fielder Nick Castellanos. At first base, Batting fourth. Joey Votto, the third baseman, Mike Moustakas, bats fit. Batting six the shortstop Kyle Farmer, catching and hitting seventh. Tucker Barnhart Mack truck is in left field. He pads eight. Adding ninth and pitching Wade Miley. Again for the Reds. It's Indian. A Queen Castano's Votto Moustakas Farmer, Barnhart truck and Miley Wade Miley pitching Andy Green's at the helm of the Cubs right now. Well, David Ross is still quarantining with Covid. The cops are 64 75, winners of seven straight and they lead off the catcher Willson Contreras, Frank swindles. The first baseman hitting second batting third in center field in half. Patrick Wisdoms, the right fielder, batting fourth. That Duffy plays third base and bats fit batting six. The second baseman David Body Alfonzo, Rivas will play left field and hit seven. Batting eight. The shortstop Sergio Contra with Adrian Samson pitching and batting night again. Contreras Swindle Hat, Wisdom Duffy Body Rivas, Al Contra and Samson Adrian Samson pitching empires tonight at home plate. Roberto Ortiz, Chad Fairchild's at first base. CB Buckner is the.

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