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Anybody else it's no. I found that actually For me wanda guides was was reading the ugly duckling which i thoroughly enjoyed reading as an adult and yet i knew that the version that i was reading was one that that was also their full for children. And and just i think the tone of that and thinking about how that worked really was important to me in in with now how i was going to go out and i mean the fact is out. I enjoy stories men for german. You know if it's well written if if the story is good if the guards is engaging you know you you get right in there. So the hot isn't the the writing for adults spot. It's the right. Temperature is going off talk of slightly. But i have noticed in these last few months. I've gone back to my children's books of which i've kind of hoarded and taken from place to place throughout many many years unread so many of them again. I wonder if that's just something that's kind of speaking to all of us at the minute. You had she. Then idea stripping something back to essentials it's kind of important isn't it something comforting about going back to books that you grew up with but also there are so many fabulous new books out there and new offers new voices such think combination of the two really have have written books to promise gossip i to go back. I mean it's good you just. In these stories. They often have archetypes characters and situations that we recognize and he's slowly to bring them back to a young audience of never before. It's just great fun. I mean kids. Kids have fallen on. And that's the pleasure of writing for them is a bad delight in the story and they absolute concentration on especially when you read. It could be more wonderful. It didn't actually ask rebecca. you'll deputy your great niece ella. what did she think of the story you know. I don't have a clear verdict yet but last time you know When we were both cleared for on pandemic principles she read me where the wild things which is one of my favorite books of all time maurice endex classic in a couple of other things so she's narrow six in reading on her own. And so you know what. I i wrote it. She felt a little bit young for. I was really trying to rake something. That wasn't few formidable for kids. Who were you know. Seven to ten that the syntax and vocabulary wasn't too overwhelming. But i also knew that it would be read by adults to kids read by adults for their own sakes in its cetera. So but she definitely likes that. There's a book that's of dedicated to her. Actually one of the joys of writing it was. I didn't had never really thought about. The fact that cinderella's real name is ella. Cinders are just unfortunate thing that happens to her and so my book ends with everyone reverting to her real name which is ella. And that was quite fun. And i know ella loves that. In who wouldn't love which you're namesake was the central. Did you just want to say soil. Elected is what we may have talked about. We're running out of time. Them was the each of these books. Most gorgeous illustrations Don't wind door with yet. Such rebecca you went back to the the author jewelry which are also just beautiful But that lights up. Visual pleasure was immense in in all these books One last question to ask you and it was very very good one. I think from alley all that. Any other ferries news the yuan on now tempted to read l. To put you on the spot and two thirds of way through the book for ella's little sister maya and You know all will be revealed in the fullness of time to watch states another. There's almost no fairytale when wouldn't read and think a wouldn't it be much more fun. Honest you know this happened in. This didn't happen like that's you know there's a certain that's not how we do it. Nowadays i wanted you know eve eve. Oh can seem to simple. I wanted there to be reason. Step sisters were following their mother's orders. Their mother was a hungry ghost kinds of explanations for things. I think i think innocence all of them. Thank you i. I like to go to Thousand and one nights something like alibaba and the forty thieves and make a gang of women and have fun with that. So go hang on. This is about you. I will wait three canelas ones. It is so go for it. no. I mean you've just done frankenstein in a way and you'll lost frankenstein's next few is not very challenging semester. As ballots officials intelligence which killing me. I'm really need to finish Because i need to decorate my house for. Christmas is driving me mad. I wanna get this one of the things that i love about fairy tales. You not think that the end they all live happily ever after and everybody thinks it's really tried but hop eight hundred p. It comes from the jomon through the old english. And it's really help us your character to change and it's why we get happens downs and this happened look for the prefixes are it's the faithfulness that comes in which is no random. It's actually connected to you so your they all lived happily ever after which happens at the end of the fifth tactical the shakespearean comedies as well is not try. It's not disney actually say. What is the connection between you as a character which is interesting given the fairytales no really dealing characters what does happen to you from the outside world. So if you're gonna live hap p happily. Ever after. What is your. What is your fate. What is your connection with what what is going before for good oriel amounts of them so that even in the moment that looks like a cliche or just a bit of know. Goodbye thank you. it's not. It's a really deep message about to everything that we do in the world. The real imagined human animal natural and what the entire circumstances don't within the container of the story and they don't go into future. Wow thank you. Nice to though. I which we talk listening to this final episode of the vintage books podcast this year. We hope you enjoyed hearing from our office of the feminist fairy tale series. There's a link in the episode description to find out more about the books. You can also find us at into books on twitter. Instagram and facebook a very happy holidays. Everyone vintage and we look forward to bringing you more podcasts. In the new year until then he reading boldly and thinking differently..

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