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Penetrating Trauma, Mc Trauma, University Medical Center discussed on Critical Condition: Accounts from One October


In the immediate aftermath of the shooting at the Route Ninety one harvest festival Las Vegas Metro officers responded to the South Central Area Command to split up into strikes teams here I'm going to try and guess on Strike Team Richard Cole assured that his roommate was safe was eager to get back to work art got Richard Trainy Brandon Eckstrom were eventually assigned to return to the festival grounds with force protection team so that we got back to the command station we were ordered to go out with fire and ems to assess anybody else that was still out by the field or in the media area so that's walking through the fairgrounds and and kind of going through debris and correct looking for anybody that we haven't found yet because they're you know unfortunately there's a lot of people that head so I think our trauma unit really is a is a cornerstone of our hospital this is Dr Paul Chester beach a trauma surgeon at University Medical Center who was called to the hospital on the night of the shooting it's the only standalone trauma center west of the Mississippi and what I mean by that is most trauma centers are kind of Integrated within the hospital the problem with that is that your resources are dispersed throughout the hospital are trauma unit is separate but it's centralized I meaning that all of the primary resources we need to care for critically injured patient are in a very small area and that allows us as certain one we're working we can access the those resources very quickly and very efficiently as Richard and Brandon searched for anyone who needed help at the festival grounds many of the victim were flooding into University Medical Center which is also the same hospital where earlier in the night the two officers had rushed Giovanna calcium ideas while working on the St corey I had the chance to visit you. Mc Trauma to sit down with Paul as well as another trauma surgeon Dr Saeed Sakib every night is different a convey very we can get the cannot be very busy or can be very busy with a blunt trauma penetrating trauma gunshots nice stabbing wins pedestrians being hit automobile accidents and everything in between that means we're the only level one trauma center for the State of data we will typically get the sickest patients we'll come our way site was already at UNC victims of the shooting began to show up. I happened to be the night shift that night so one we found out shortly after ten PM those a mass shooting at on the Strip we we've started to receive leave a lot of those patients with sir very quickly within a half hour unlike Sayyed Paul was in at work when the shooting started I was not on any shift I was home finishing up a barbecue and with some family friends and had just put the kids to bed and got a bunch of text alerts on my phone and when I looked at it saw that there was potentially a mass shooting in so called the hospital and then I came in because at that point it's it's an all hands on deck type situation well when the when the call first came out I don't think anybody knew exactly how severe here this is going to be and when I called the hospital I I couldn't get through and I thought that's a bad sign I finally reached somebody and they said Yeah it's very busy Minnesota item get in my car I'll be there shortly because I figured worst case scenario for me I get there and everything's fine and that has come back home so I can you know make myself available and help out with whatever I need to do and had that happened before where you were called in we have a backup system so we have somebody in the building twenty four seven but we always have a backup system so that if things get really busy we can call an additional people so it's not uncommon to get called in two o'clock in the morning if you have you know multiple shooting or a car crash with multiple gums and you need more than one attending surgeon there so it's not uncommon get called in here saieed I mean we that that that night we went to the backup surgeon and then beyond the backup surgeon came in and then he reached out to me actually that night texts demi hurting up hearing about the news and asking you know if he needs to come in if you're available we'd love to have you because like you said better to have more people than less people for something like this and we had a very quick response time so many people came in I'm home not just doctors but nurses and they're all across the board to help out because this was an unprecedented situation I mean I would have been more than happy to drive in and find out that everything was copacetic and then say okay I'll go home now but obviously that wasn't the case.

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