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President trump praising vladimir putin's offer to help us officials question the russians indicted by special counsel bob muller for interfering in the us presidential election here is the offered to have the people working on the case come and work with their investigators with respect to the twelve people i think that's an incredible off okay it is an incredible offer right once you get some russians in questioning the russians that are okay okay all right point point made the president also said the us should reciprocate by helping the kremlin question top putin critic bill browder a man who is reportedly on putin's hitlist they'll browder is now out front i want to be clear bill as i always am when you speak to us from a remote location where you are tonight that you have asked us not to reveal your location because of safety concerns which of course are directly linked to president putin but we just heard sounds like a quid pro quo right we can question our guys they're going to get to get you in exchange so it's quote you're the quo are you at marketing chip here between putin and trump well i i'm putin wants me pretty badly he this is not the first time that he's made a in attempt to get me in on may thirtieth i was arrested in madrid spain on a russian interpol rest warrant where they tried to get me there and it was the sixth russian interpol restaurant they becoming after me for a long time and so this is just one more attempt that putin is making yes i am a bargaining chip but it's he's he's using everything he's got with whomever he's got it with to try to get me so when we talk about this whole deal that that trump is talking about and saying putin offered right it was okay we'll let you americans talk.

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