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And their seasons never the same. And yet they've still won because they made the Russell Wilson trade. They have, they get to watch Russell Wilson be terrible every week. They get Denver's pick, which will be, I think, no lower than four. So, and there's what, 5 quarterbacks that could go in the top ten. Yeah. Yeah. So smith might win comeback player of the year anyway. I don't know, but you have to move on. You're right. young in that team next year. I think the Seahawks are favorite at home. And I'm going to say Seahawks by one and a half. Oh, you got it exactly. I said four and a half. I thought maybe Mike white wasn't ready, but you hit it exactly at one and a half. I mean, I think the jets are out of it, the Seahawks must win, and that's a really tough place to play, but one and a half. A little scary. The thing with the jets, I actually think they have a lot of talent. Yeah. And the big thing for them, I don't think they mentioned it the entire Thursday game if they did apologize. But the bristle piece of the jet season, if he doesn't get hurt, Bruce hall was the most exciting rookie of the season. And was looking like he was like a top 5 or 6 running back. And if nothing happens to him, to me that was like the Domino's moment. But if you just like, if you reset this jet season, just started it over. Like a Madden season. I do think there's a world where they're like 11 and four are one of the resets. They have a lot of talent. Yeah, maybe they don't get a lot more than 16, 17 this game. Maybe that's why it's so low. I agree with you with the Domino's moment because like Domino's, they tasted like shit, the jets after the lab. That's not fair. I'm being told that I'm being told that it's been good, but Chang was the one that tipped me off on Domino's. Ben Simmons and I get Domino's like every 6 weeks. What? Yeah, we love you. We love those. It's here in like 25 minutes and it's hot. Again, this is not an ad for Domino's. Kyle, I sure the TikTok camera, throw it against the wall and then kick it. There's no way you've had dominoes. Within a mile of where you live, I know it. I don't even want to start listening. Yeah, but it gets here fast. You're trying to save money. You need to save like a dollar. It's the best pizza option. You're talking to guy who's been to Bianco pizza. 7 times the last two buds. So mad at you right now. I'm voting you out. I wasn't going to kick you out, now you. Why did Bill get voted? Do you respect Chang's opinion on food? You don't respect mine, but I do. I think he goes a little too far. Plus, I think. Joe house, pro dominos. He is? Yeah. That gets me. Really? You gotta, I'm telling you. What part the thin crust? The thing that they have is really good. Yeah, they have a whole bunch of them, but they'll make them crispy. It shows up hot. It's solid. I'm such a pizza snob. All right, I gotta get back in the game now. I shouldn't have promoted them that much. I don't think we've ever done a domino set. No. Oh wow. Seahawks one and a half. We did that one. All right, chargers rams, battle of LA. This was in the Sunday Night slot. And then they're like, what the hell are we doing? What would you say percentage, mcvay,

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