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And why did he do that? Nobody knows sure. Yeah. Father be rated him for his looks. And then second his mind. What's coming up in your news Marshall Phillips crisis blowing up Ben's waylaid, spelling all US diplomats is the country falls apart? You've got Trump's former fixer Cohen change, your heart on testifying and it's doomsday clock day. How close are we to the? Well, that's good to know. You're listening to the Armstrong and Getty show. Now, here's what's trending. The driver of a pickup truck accused of running down three people in northeast Portland. Sidewalk is in custody. Police say they arrested twenty one year old Austin Keever Nyberg yesterday at the Clark county courthouse on an unrelated matter. Police say they found the truck last Friday the incident was caught on a home security camera and shared on social media Keefer. Neighbor is facing three counts of attempted assault in the first degree victims contacted police, and they're asking those people involved to come forward. Oregon Republican Representative great Walden wants the government shutdown to be over the bulletin reports that he held a town hall meeting in bend over the weekend leading off with a plea for civility. He reminded the crowd that he voted with Democrats to reopen the government and said, he also supports President Trump's views on border security. I'm Anna, Eriksson, NewsRadio eleven ninety K ex. Down AXA traffic in Hillsborough. Getting word of a thespian struck at Cornelius pass and Cornell also a crash one hundred eighty and Blanton the crash northbound seventeen at Allen it's over on the shoulder. Now, that's still quite a delay before Greenberg. And also plenty of slowing to I five south that SR five hundred Lynn Masterson X traffic. Now Ketu weather brought to you by standard TV and appliance. If you're in southwest, Washington or northwest, Oregon this morning, you may run into an early morning sprinkle or maybe a little bit of a shower as we continue toward the mid day. We start to get drier. But we are still looking at plenty cloud cover around throughout the day. You may see some sun breaks here and there, but they may be few and far between with storm tracker weather..

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