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Yes very job good john you nail that okay let's start with mr black panther himself mr t chela i'll he's a basic griff not just because he is like a cat person basic door he really airy potter i do much with the people around is his a harry potter the needs the help is the griffin then needs backup yup but he's doing good he thinks he's doing he's doing it for the right reasons very true such griff then lasting what about his daddy to chuck oh i don't know to chaka and we don't get to know him enough to be able to see like what because even in civil war you just kinda see him he's dead yeah there's not enough yeah i don't know and like you can't really say slithering because he betrayed his family that's like the ultimate you know yeah litter in trey and he's also not a goof indoor because he's a coward trae howard's way out i don't i don't know most want to say he's mongolia all he's a mobile almost wanna say raven claw like coral was a raven clone or lockhart was a raven it's like the selfishness gets in the way and try like an it's tough because he made such a dumb decision like why would you not think eric would come back and screw everything up but i don't think he knew that way to come back think about the tattoo at all.

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