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Today with a new orleans head fifty point to don't i was in an all star game in seattle in which everybody said on the west let's make tom chambers the tom chambers anyone it feels like golden state is saying you know what steph turned to win let's let's try to let's let's make steph the mvp this time gin front running hot dogging showboating it's over the top overconfidence to me but maybe they can back it up so that's draymond said after the game last night it looks like steffes lining up lining himself up for something great if we continue to to win well who would say that after two games you're only halfway home if you're gonna sweep right right well what what team would say that about what teammate would say that about a star of the team is he's lying right and that true yeah right i mean but now you just accept it as oh that's just the warriors are well i guess i hope cleveland's except and we've we've never seen anything like this i mean steph is average and thirty one katie there twenty six clave averaging twenty two katie there to twenty nine and six i mean what what so historically and historic as lebron is playing in that game was epic there's a reason you think about it skipped no other player ever score fifty points lost a finals game just tell you how normally that's deflated everybody can't just can't withstand an onslaught like that especially because normally when teams have these historic a player had this historic number you saw me remember michael fifty five against fifty five against phoenix they couldn't stand that onslaught very first of all is very rare it's only six times never happened in all these final game they started play what you gotta go back to what the fifties they started playing finals game scale so it's not it's not like something that we've see normally we've seen a lot of fifty point games regular playoff games but not in the finals in for the brian lose but when you got one guy averaging thirty one eight and six the other guy averaging twenty six nine and six and the other guy average at twenty two.

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