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They paid us. Section g shit are like they showed like ten tattoos. You like a who that is like. Oh his comments on the nego. Could you stop. could you stop before. Please please our black you. I'm gonna balance you like it's over. I'll just do the math thirty. I do the thirty minute long talking about child but the sound is bad off. You can't really get enough to for the camera. I like daylight with as far as i know the thirties. No we don't hear also. We belong to the streets also imagine if k. diggers like us and like four more haters and just starts bills like the blue face house like. He's lucky he's a y'all y'all detects nervous. Because i very sensitive on my tailbone ask outdoors other host katie added. Offi cheat damn good humor. Ice cream blab everyone. Now you know what the fact we were not nominated for emmys. I get now understand. You gotta talk about becoming dadis. Okay i don't know what that even means. We'll get ami. Like because i feel like the average age of like the voter is like fifty. They got like you know. I feel like la lifestyle drug use. You know pollution like they got like a good life smooth fifteen years live so we'll get an emmy before that because we've been getting invited to more people's houses now andrew talking to them day. Take the emmy for granted they. Nobody think about if anyone's house so we've gone through so far in. La took they would not know for days. And i think you probably just a number to get your every replaces aaa so. Don't even stress the ship. There was just boost one. If you're listening to this and you have an emmy you don't want you want to donate it to the data. Boys do how this. We're we're underprivileged saying you got to change the name the engraving that we'll take care of all that shipping hanley all that though some duct tape on it you hit it with the sharpie boom bang. Bang we good webby. Who has our webby vihar. Why wow was a family court to get this webby while oud vice vice has died our youtube million million some shit like that. Yes we out here. I mean we. We're not we're not nigga said visa. Pop go train but added to my. Tv's not hopping is. I'm gonna pop like make more money. The yellow one night. Y'all making your your contract. Wow remember those are the those are very like those those comments into my mtv to contract bra thirty. I mean i'm like. I'm victory their finish. My paperwork right. Anyone who proper tv contract. That's just like a bible dog. We'll get to the middle of this. At april it's december was just the first of all i heard like okay. We're going to do the short-form now. We're gonna do the long form in six years. Where homer med school. If you're not paid you move on. Tv let me explain how long a tv contract the actual physical document is move. You piss your girl off as she starts a text message with. I find it funny. How yes that long. No you look iphone and it has. The message is coming up. But it's coming up at your phone because a person is still typing year where you're trouble trouble like god damn to go essay. It's not even a bubalo more large rectangle without the little loopy. You've got oleg. You scroll us look it to find. The most meaningless thinks she said in it to answer that. Actually if i heard the blue shoes on the blue shows that i got you okay. Okay but remember the day before. I took you to the avengers and who knows. I didn't call you stupid. So what about that. See little things like that. Don't count for nothing. Yes she system. So what wow. I mean when you put it like that like i i understand. But i like fashionable sister. I was just hoping. Ms why are you being selfish..

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