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Right and the video was in his thing the next day and he said yeah it was on the internet and they took it down kind of thing so yeah it was floating around. I mean we. We didn't have all. But the pentagon later authenticated the videos and they were absolutely real and people did. Try to pick them apart and say. Oh you're looking from this angle and this is it's not fabricated these real objects that were caught on and we interviewed pilots themselves. That's another thing we did that Shows that we found these people day fraser and and ryan his last name and danielle coin pilots. Who told us that they all these things and day. Fraser said he watched this thing as it was under water. You know and this is a highly decorated. You know. Navy jet fighter pilot who saying these things so they. I don't think they had a script written for them that they were supposed to tell us this stuff so but i do think that the The stories we wrote Convinced the government to come out more and maybe they realize it's not something that they can contain anymore. That people are demanding answers so it's it's pushed the process And You know there are people in the government who want to see Much more come out You know we know that But there's also a lot of secrecy still involved. A lot of stuff is classified. That may not need to be the a tip as you point out wasn't for some reason It's strange The navy videos were not classified because they were. We wouldn't have put them out. We couldn't we don't want to go to jail and we wouldn't be dealing with stolen leaked classified material. That's not that we've never been accused of that one of the things that was super interesting during my interview with kevin day and it relates back to your book and it relates back or just talked about in john. Mack is so kevin day again. He's the guy who from aboard. The ship is orchestrating all the communications. So he's telling where the pilot the pilots where to go and all the rest of this to interesting things come up from his story. One is that he says these objects like twenty thirty whatever were in the air had been trailing the ship for seven days. I said kevin Do you find it strange that you didn't report that to your co before that.

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