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Now on with the show. Hey guys this is krista from the moratorium and you let grizzly gore mysteries. Of course you do. That is why. I suggested you subscribe to my blog. Suspended animation dormitories waiting to be told we had the moratorium offer a number of laura tales from ax men running around new orleans phantoms in texarkana. And if you're feeling especially generous head over to our patriots where for just a couple of bucks a month you can help the moratorium grow and that would be pretty kick ass and remember long-lived vhs any other story would be over by now. Butch defeo murdered his entire family and would be locked away for the rest of his life but this story the legend of amityville has only just begun. Cue the music and in three to already forgot it. Good insane punctuate a match made in a bathroom floating into the void. You know what christa. Yes i have been trying to create a comfortable space here at my house. you know. i've got a lot of weird shit hanging around. I think we have six or seven. Ouija boards That are actually posted around the house. Some of them pretty old by almost a hundred years old you know and i welcome haunting. I think a haunting would actually improve my property values. And i could probably get a lot more out of my house. If a poltergeist was if i could prove that my house was built on an indian burial ground that would probably help to what go sir hostile and they they come in the form of pigs with red eyes and how about a rape ghost. I could go for a rape coast. Right goes no. I welcome anything. Hey i don't have to live here. I can always move and then sell it or you know. Write a book about my house. It doesn't look Near as cool as this frigging house and you might even get a movie deal. Do do books even sell anymore. More people in write books are books of thing. Yeah that was my segue into something else but anyway hey welcome to another special edition of the moratorium Tim cornermen and again with me. Is chris funk and today we are covering still the amityville horror the pretty little new england town of amityville has a problem with ghosts or does it. I think not you think that. Wow you could get the hoax hate you. I wait wait. Wait wait if you wanna hear if krista thinks this is a hoax listened to the whole damn episode. I'm not gonna tell you here. You gotta wait. It's the great mystery yet..

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