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J. P. Dice, Birmingham, PCA discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Can help change their future in a single moment see how far your support can go at unbound dot org this report is brought to you by a positive coaching alliance good mix of clouds and sunshine today high of eighty nine forty percent chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms tonight expect a low of sixty nine better chance of rain tomorrow with a high of eighty six that's a weather update WBRC first alert chief meteorologist J. P. dice on newsradio one oh five five WBRC right now it's eighty eight degrees at Birmingham's news traffic and weather station newsradio one oh five five W. we are C. got issues with youth or high school sports positive coaching alliance can help PCA and national nonprofit offers more than a thousand free online resources for youth and high school sports coaches parents students and administrators visit PC eight dead zone dot org some city halls and county courthouses across Alabama closing early today amid word of plans for new protests in response to the George Floyd killing stadium hills city hall in the Madison County courthouse among the locations closing early eight members of the same church in northeast Alabama test positive for the coronavirus the pastor at either church of god says the eight or now quarantined at home the church resumed in person worship services a few weeks ago Auburn changing the name of the street named after the disgraced former Alabama house speaker the city council renaming my cupboard Boulevard it's now been creek road Hubbard convicted of using his public office to make money I'm Jim Verity your next news it to more rush in two minutes on Birmingham's news traffic and weather station newsradio one oh five five W. we are C. man let's have an honest talk about sex because for just about all of us sex is a pretty big deal here's the problem if you're a man over forty it's likely you're living with erectile dysfunction but men don't.

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