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For hanging out with us on the Thursday NFL playoffs. Coaching search is Robert Sala. All those things the bills are taking on the Ravens. Lots of things to talk about. With Brian Billick, Super Bowl winning coach of the Ravens at coach Billick CM on NFL Network. You read his books. He is a multi dimensional power and he joins us courtesy of the only guest line. Hi, Brian. How are you? How are we doing this afternoon? How we're doing good. We're just We're just counting the hours down to more playoff football. We like to Super Bowl a wild card weekend, but the divisional Zehr always where it's at, right. Yeah. I love the divisional weekend because, you know, I think we've got great matchups. I think you got the right themes there. And you always to me always. That's where you really learn about what's going on in the league Directionally. I know the championship in the Super Bowl, the top two teams, But when you look at these eight teams, you get you get a real sense of what the direction I think it's fascinating that we have this dichotomy of three future Hall Famers, You know you're talking about Brady. Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. And then you've got this cadre of young guys, Uh, you know, with Josh Alan and Pat Mahomes and Lamar Jackson and certainly Josh Alan, great great contrast in terms of the old school versus the new bucks. Fact, I think it's the oldest ever in history in the NFC side of it in the youngest ever in history coach on the A F C side and I'm watching the NFL network is replaying Baltimore at Buffalo last year in Orchard Park. Has that recall. Buffalo did give them problems in the run game, but they don't have the offensive weaponry and the Ravens wound up winning by seven, but you're obviously close to the franchise into the preseason games. Lamar Jackson We know what a great runner is. He may be the best running back in the league playing quarterback, but how do you assess him as a thrower from his rookie year? I thought it was the most improved player in the league last year Not only the M V P, but the M I P And then this year times you thought maybe he regressed a little bit, And when he came back from covert, he was better. How do you assess him as a as a thrower of the football coach? Well, he's good enough. I don't think there's a huge improvement from the end of last year. Uh, I don't know if there will be. I think what he is, is what he is still struggles, little bit drying outside the numbers. But there are times he can crank it up, and he's just such a special player. You're right last year, Buffalo held them to 40 yards, just 11 carats and where it was touching wars. Only, uh, 10 ft. Look like they had a good plan going, But all it takes is one time you leave that scene believe that crack With a little over two minutes and they're down by 10 all the things that you know they can't come back from behind with 10, and they haven't won a playoff game and boom. Lamar Jackson breaks off 48 yards for a touchdown and changes the whole dynamic of the game. So Uh, yeah, I think Buffalo's got a chance in your right last year was totally different because the offense with Josh Josh Allen told me different player and wasn't doing what he is doing now, so it's just gonna be a test for the for the ratings. Coach Brian Billick is June. It's popping one here on the SportsCenter mentioned Josh al and I gotta be honest. I didn't think it was gonna happen with the Wyoming background. I didn't know it was great in college and all the sudden, man. He just turns it around this year. What have you seen from him? That has allowed him to make this jump. All this just inefficiency, including me. What are you doing? You're right. You know, we keep matter really Junior colleges. Thank you really wondering while me under 60% completion percentage That's not usually does not add up And you usually don't get better that something like that in the NFL the first two years. He really didn't. He was dynamic. He ran round made some plays. It's a good place, and he still didn't have that efficiency that who would release whatever he did in the off season. However, we worked with whatever he did to streamline it. Hey, did a heck of a job because he's playing at the top of his game. He just comes. Any quarterback in the league right now may be the best quarterback in the league. Both run and passed with all understand, we've got Aaron Rodgers plans that unbelievable, mythical level and Pat Mahomes but in terms of the sheer ability Execute and run and execute the past. He's uh he's pretty good. Yeah, they Baltimore Buffalo game of the Saturday evening our time. 5 15 on NBC the earlier game on Saturday. 1 35 on Fox is gonna be here in Rodgers. And it's gonna be all Kale matchup because golf is gonna go Justus farce chaired being able to throw the ball. He was obviously hampered with the thumb, but they had no other choice because Welford, you know, had to leave the game and was seriously hurt. What did you notice about him just throwing the ball. And will that get better this week from from last week, Coach It should get a little better. You're right. We could clearly see he was not on. You just probably couldn't really grip the ball process and that touching that deal from the follow through it have to be a little better, but still, he's only what less than a week and a half for two weeks. In that surgery on the stuff..

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