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Yeah I'm fine I'm pretty far from okay are you okay the night check this out democratic representative at a New York L. Ingle says a little bit of backlash hammer for getting caught on a hot Mike at a protest in the Bronx he listened carefully to this audio he says but then I have a primary wouldn't care seventy one okay with this no I'm I'm not okay with this but this is what I expect honestly this is what I expect from a lot of these politicians they don't care about the calls they don't care about you they care about maintaining power and it's on both sides it's Republicans and the Democrats in this case the Democrat got caught L. U. th ng all representatives from the Bronx we'll play this for you one more time cal go ahead get that ready you gotta listen closely because it's it's kind of muffled a little bit but you can clearly hear him say before you know they speak to a crowd he's talking to the event organizer there if I didn't have a primary I wouldn't care no no I'm not okay with that but that's exactly what I expect so many of these politicians just pander down to the lowest common denominator it makes you sick but it is what it is would you like an update of the statement from angle who is by the way been in the house since eighty nine said that quote sharing his opinion he thought was important in the context of running for reelection I thought it was important for people to know where I stand that's why I asked to speak at the protest of course I care deeply about what's happening in this country and that's why I wanted to convey I love the Bronx I grew up in the Bronx and lived here all my life I would not have tried to impose the borough president if I didn't think it was important that it's awful excuse me something in my throat right there little crap oh boy a moral actions last night and I'll not how long time Republican Steve king lost in the primary in the tweet Alyssa Milano takes credit saying Steve king lost the I. O. G. O. P. primary that's what we do we vote races out of the office are you okay with this so what about let me make sure I've got all my facts here Tony danza sitcom daughter is taking credit for Republican Steve king losing in the Iowa Republican primary I didn't know Alyssa Milano was a registered Republican in Iowa and I Joel I had no idea that the registered Republicans in Iowa relied so much on advice from Tony danza sitcom daughter or it could be that this moron thought it was an open election and people openly voted him out of office it's one of those two things I'm willing to bet it's probably the latter this moron had no idea what a primary means it was only Iowa Republicans they got tired of this has a crappy it was no blue wave it was not Alyssa Milano it was Iowa Republicans saying look you've had some time here Skippy but you gotta kick rocks you gotta get out of here Alyssa Milano thinking it was her first cute got time for one more here let's do one of two or more this is pretty cool the last person but it's not cool but it's it's it's interesting that the last person to receive a civil war era tension has passed away Irene Triplett collected seventy three dollars a month from the department of Veterans Affairs a benefit for her father's military service in the civil war what's up with this I am in love with this story I love these type of stories so I read triplets father fought in the civil war as a young man and he remarried as an elderly senior and triplet was born in nineteen thirty eight she inherited his veterans benefits due to disabilities so she passed away at the age of ninety which means the United States government can finally close the book on outstanding civil war pensions across the country I don't know what it is but these stories just interest me it's like the tenth president John Tyler the tenth president of the United States served from eighteen forty one to eighteen forty five yeah he was born in seventeen ninety and has two loving grandchildren still right now in the United States John Tyler wow the tenth president was born just one year after George Washington took the oath of office to become the first president of the United States and he has two living grand children not great grandchildren or great great grand children hello today they are ninety six in eighty nine Tyler had fifteen kids get a whole house full of them right and the last one remarried late father late and two of his kids have lived late so it blows my mind of somebody that was born one year after George Washington took the oath as a living grand children in the United States all right when we come back we're gonna get you up to date with everything going on out here on monument circle and the latest on the curfew that's next at Papa Murphy's we make fresh he said that you bake at home because home is where pizza night means a month home is where we turn up the heat home is where we go all in that's what I'm talking about and home is where we all win right now get a Murphy's combo with salami pepperoni sausage and mushrooms for just twelve dollars it's a game changer right Papa Murphy's change the way you pizza.

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