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The bay area's news station. All news one six nine and AM seven forty KCBS. KCBS first for traffic, and let's get back to Richmond. Highway eighty with Kim that is a multi car accident Susan as you come down through Richmond, west eighty approaching cutting boulevard, and we did hear a couple of people from the KCBS phone force, including Nikki, telling us at a car t-boned, a truck the truck is sideways. The two left lanes are blocked possible injuries here again, west eighty before cutting the back of his already a little bit beyond El portal, pretty close to hilltop. So that middle part of interstate eighty very congested. Indeed before you get there. If you're coming down through the Solano county side, we have a couple of issues as well. First cordelia, there appears to be a stalled vehicle on westbound eighty right near the six eighty connector blocking the left lane. Traffic is starting to bog down there. And in back of that we have word of an accident as you come down toward the Vacaville side. This has come in for west eighty at Meridian trying to clear a pickup truck crash here. And there's definitely about a mile or two's worth of slow traffic at that point back to the. The Nimitz freeway we've been troubled by an accident on south eight eighty just coming off of highway two thirty eight they're still working on clearing. This crash from the far right lane. Traffic is backed up along to thirty eight all the way into the Castro valley. Why and a new accident reported south eight eighty near Tennyson? This one's come in for the second lane from the left so couple trouble-spots early on the Nimitz freeway this morning. Your next update. Five fifty eight on the traffic leader KCBS circum Sienese Sleepworld, six day forecast. Now, here's Mary Lee and McKay PIX five weather center. Morning to you areas of fog along the coast parts of the.

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