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Know your wife and family are down at the gate also if any locals if any husky fans from our area made the trip to stanford for the game tonight i wanna see them i want to see if there were in purple in representing down there so use the hashtag komo dogs d a w g s although pajot's your spirit you have you bet everybody stafford i have not been to stand for him but i haven't been they her to what university i host a show called she added refined i was down there a year ago when the huskies or down the for the pact will championship i went to the smoke q company and they sort of thing cold war wolf turds no no i'm not kidding it's weeks a gallup pino and choose chop in bacon and smug do not it was the most delicious thing i've ever had to see them radio producer i don't know it a wolf sure they're fantastic but it's going to be a distant i think it's going to be an incredible game down there did you have a prediction ideal it might be a little overconfident but i believe in our top ranked defense so i'm gonna you'd have 34 stanford seventeen that was close to what ferrer didn't mike are martin two sports director at thirty or forty nation haley with it to you i know something already navy fleet rank announced like rank score predictions that are like that it'll all the huskies spirit that way well we will see and i got a guy here on our who've a hit me were is mike fitzpatrick from some valley he goes huskies have a huge day they win big twenty eight two three so we got dako force an doug comoro says happy purple friday dog fans you'd up twenty four step pretend as de holds love to less than one hundred yards have price love's guy he's an amazing running back i believe in them i don't even them it's verbal friday and game day like.

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