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We chased after him and we just hosed every location down and shot until they kicked out and ended up shooting all of it. Practically the Tom free riding on my infinitely infinitely more dangerous than the one in Morocco Morocco. He's flat out on a highway. Yeah, it's going into straight line going to Paris on cobblestones and bike. That's not meant to perform like that was very dangerous. So heart heart mouth time as a. I was convinced it was going badly there moments. There's a moment where the stunt drivers are trained to inch their lives. And I recall a counter Reeves while he was shooting speed and he was on the highway chase, and he was worried that he might hit some cars on when the stunt guy said them. These are the best drivers in the world. You couldn't hit them. If you try if you if you get in their way, they will swerve out of is the same with mission. You know, you have Tom who's highly trained, but he stunk there's a moment where there's a car spears into Eaton's path and he'd just swerves around there. Great. But there's also there were local guys in a language barrier? Yeah, and there was one moment where you know Tom is racing through cross traffic and it. There was a miscommunication and he almost was nailed the side of this car because the guy was just not where he was supposed to be right. That was that was very, very scary. Oh my God. Yeah, you would like to think that, but what you laugh. Yeah, no, since you said there was like. I don't know. I don't know what movie they were working on. Guys are the best, but no, they were, but they were very good, don't get wrong. They were the best and going around the arc Triomphe was very, very dangerous. Thomas able to do that very safely complexity only choreography must have been astonishing. But yeah, you know, it's it's when we, when we did something like the doctor Triomphe we get there in the morning and Wade, Wade, is there early with all of those cars in content, concentric circles, adjusting their speed and and developing a system of language with them so that he can on on a whim. The center circle can go faster or slower. Everybody's kind of very, very, very dialed in, but then a lot of it is with what we had to do. A lot of it was improvisational. We got there and showed up and said, Dr. What are we going to do with the St.. Amazing. One of my colleagues park out of the screening and the motorbike Jason particular think they, they're palms sweaty. And he said, there's no way that was all Tom, there's no way all. Oh yeah. No, there's no stunt writer anywhere or stunt pilot the only time Tom's not at the controls of the helicopter are when the helicopters carrying that payload. Okay, because that's another rating that we didn't have time to. Yeah. So when you see the helicopter flying up over Henry's helicopter, that's a different guy flying copter, but everything else Tom's flying driving skydiving. There is one shot in the movie where you can't see his face and I had a double do it because you couldn't see him. He'd gladly done it, but you could you and and he had he would have really risked aggravating his ankle injury. It's that shot rolling down the roof of the, oh yeah, the the one refute where he falls away from us and hits and rows away. That's Tom. But then the big wide shot that you shows them rolling down the roof. That's a stunt guy and that's and that's only because his ankle was broken and you can't see that it's Tom. Yeah. So I'm like, why are we doing this? Why would why would you do this stunt? Don't do it. I remember Thomas, I do it. Got dammit. Oh, and we were gonna do a stunt when he's running across Blackfriars bridge. He was going to bash through the glass of breakfast. Blackford bridge bounce off the roof of removing train and body slam a guy that he thought was Walker and it was Walker would have put the tracking device on this before we established that the tracking device was actually the thing in the neck eventually phoned us. We would have shopped this and then had to cut it anyway..

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