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Level quarterback the young quarterbacks if you would take in front of Carson Wentz that's all I ask for your judge tell me none of these other quarterbacks are any good now are you telling me they're all good I'm telling you they're all good prospects okay so the Carson is good so when you were a good prospect what about already stole prospects John Martin I agrees to kill six sportsradio ninety four W. I. B. Joe Giglio until it got the guy they got Joe Girardi and they landed a manager here that is really good and they got an upgrade here Girardi I believe in I don't know this for a fact that John Middleton knew who we wanted new Girardi was the best candidate but they go through all these interviews to make to appease the justice I mean he's really sharp the idea that the border but the best way to use his sharp guy Joe Giglio six PM to ten PM sportsradio ninety four he these are the eagles going to be okay what are the five fine because we're an NFC east that's why when I when I look at it yeah we are division fine yeah that's what we're talking about no we're not yeah we are not someone I'm talking about because you wanna feel old so I don't want to feel down don't you grease six sportsradio ninety four W. I. B. so here with the word that's just weird Terry cloth good thank you Terry and why does he get his own fabric the journey below SPF fifty five awesome we've been.

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