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I'm a show and there's the king the king of all on Boxing sneakers this guy named jock Slade you know yes I heard his name first name yeah and I guess you take sneakers out of the box and you know analyzes and look at looks at him and and I refuse them yeah it tells you what's great about him what sucks the whole run and this guy is now a multi millionaire and Ollie is doing is taking space centrally sneakers and talking about him and take him out of box and wearing and and people now recognize it when he goes into a like a pizza place kind of crazy on well the thing about that is you know you and I sit around and go how come we didn't think of that but like this we never would have thought of no way no way I did I did it but but people they love it you go on YouTube and and people watch other people eat they watch other people sleep they watch other people take a you know a barbecue out of a box and put it together and they just sit there meant mesmerized by that kind of I'd just one box the sneakers on YouTube and other media bones into a multi billion dollar entity just as John Slade who has seen his career goal from Jack Ryder to blogger to content creators administrators really amazing and by way of becoming the king of sneaker unboxing lines caught up with shock and asking how this all has changed his life when you walk into like a pizza store and some of you know they know who I am that's awesome how do you describe what it is you do that's a great question I what is your view that is a really great question it depends on who I'm talking to honestly how do you describe what is your view of the conflict because some people like arms the speaker had to other people a content creator how do you describe what it is you do take that a step further with the first rehearsal.

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