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I'd i'd love i think it has to be out there something that's getting purged and and i wish there was some kind of software update that i could use and that's why that was a it was going to ask you is do you think if i like he went to the beta if there is a current beta like do you think that i bet i mean you know i bet it would i bet there is a gremlin in there somewhere like it's like one of those dumb things again it's like the class of the corrupted font on right was really really dumb thing that like you're not even using that's causing a problem and you don't know why so i'm and if so first of all just to stipulate first of all i know you know i know you know all these things bno you've done on these things see i know our listener mike god of course we know all these things you're so smart um those are all the things that i would try lacking out in in the thing is you found the really befuddling part which it is which is that it works okay on another apple tv which would seem to say it's not a problem it's right it's not a problem downright it's not a problem with my account it is not a product not a problem with that show season or episode per se but it's not a problem with my upstream provider it's not a problem with apple to me in knocks out a lot of possibility it's just something with that specific adults he's the leonardo show russ will that mean that that that that episode on that t be why can't get it to play any episodes anymore i'm gorgeous going into mr robot at the season level and nothing nothing happens i can't i can't re watch episode number one i can't play episode number two i can't see any episodes at all oh and there something else someone says all right you just need to go in using the tv app don't go in will i to use the tv shows go in with the tv i did that asia stupid dan what are your tv app dummy than work.

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