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Ninety three point one hang up because a fancy phone late tonight low forty to fifty two patchy fog in the morning then sunshine and patchy clouds I seventy one to seventy five thank you weather's Brian made news ninety three point one KFBK already so we've got let's check Rancho Murieta seventy sixty eight in El Dorado hills Davis with seventy two degrees as we're building better Sacramento well so many segments of society are doing what they can to help others during this code nineteen crisis Roseville city council member Scott Alford establish the Roseville volunteer force Facebook page so one of the things that happened to somebody goes on the group and just put the need out there you know they can't get toilet paper well that's a pretty urgent scary moment and immediately telling the people that I've got some I've got some and it's really grown now he's forcing has a list of people who are ready to assist eighty six right now that their cell numbers in what area town they live in and what they're willing to help with and so when people put in a request like any help shopping or they can't find some products all connect them with volunteers and then you know they'll they'll deal with N. L. let me know if it was like market off yeah he says he spends long hours managing this is now my office has become looks like a grocery store almost I have cases of toilet paper and hand sanitizer and paper towels and gloves but there was one thing they didn't have enough of so one of the big request we had were masks and those are really hard to get and so we started reaching out to some mask makers a lot of them are doing it for our clinicians and first responders but we had nobody doing it for the community but now he's got enough for a mask giveaway this Saturday at the Rose Bowl Galleria at one thirty and we're gonna have our volunteers out there with masks and gloves on and we're gonna need to put the car window and just make sure they really need them but they can't make them or buy them themselves and they're also accepting donations of masks as well so I'll have a post up probably about ten minutes or so for them Roseville volunteer force and you can learn more about that mask giveaway the Roseville Galleria again this Saturday at one thirty and still to come the virus changing the way Christians celebrate Easter this weekend will have more having your top trending stories on news ninety three point one K. K. live everywhere on the I heart radio app feeling a little overwhelmed right now everything has become much more annoying and stressful imagine what it's like stocking the shelves of your favorite supermarket we salute them and we're all.

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