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North Korea's leader Kim Jong Lynn says he'll wait with patience and in good faith for his second summit with President Trump. The north state media said Kim received a letter from Mr. Trump through a North Korean on voi- who traveled to Washington last week. The report says Kim's will highly of Mr. Trump for expressing his unusual determination and will for the settlement of the nuclear issue. However, both countries remain at odds over several issues. Experts say a major sticking point is what denuclearization steps Kim should take to move forward stalled nuclear negotiations, and what rewards President Donald Trump should provide to push him to take those measures nuclear negotiations have been stuck since Kim and Trump met in Singapore last June for the first summit which ended with vague denuclearization pledges from Kim. I'm jealous of my breaking news and analysis at townhall dot com. Police say a gunman who overtook a SunTrust Bank in Florida Wednesday apparently made the five women inside lie down in the lobby floor before shooting them in the backs of their heads. See bring police chief Carl Hoglund said there's no indication the twenty one year old had any connection whose victims nor any intention, the rob the Bank that was eventually swarmed by swat officers upon entering and securing the same these tactical units abor into custody at approximately two twenty eight PM and they immediately began coordinating victim assessments. Unfortunately, all victims has gone through their injuries inside the Bank. Suspects have been charged with five counts of premeditated murder in the shooting deaths to the four Bank employees and a customer director. Ron Howard played to make a documentary about the northern California town of paradise rebuilding after.

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