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The first thing that has not happened which really concerned the international community is there's been no esscalation. Hostilities between india and pakistan listeners may recall that at the beginning of the year indian pakistan almost went to war after the suicide bombing of indian paramilitary forces in kashmir that led to an upsurge in ever fair but fortunately both sides decided to exercise restraint so at the start of the month when india took this action. There was obviously agree deal of concern about nuclear powers going to war but i think all of this is bluster. Both sides recognize that the cost of war would be devastating. So what do you think this tells us about the state of india today hindu-majority majority country but a very large muslim minority that feels i think eclipsed india's in the same category in turkey as china hyper-nationalism mm-hmm. We are living in an era of hyper-nationalism. I've been struck by the fact that this so little international condemnation to india after it carried out its act in a way states are able to act in a daring fashion really recognizing. The condemnation of the international community is not going to matter much. How much did modi's he's revoking a article three seventy start or maybe restart a conversation in kashmir about independence the two ways of looking at this the narrative within pakistan stunt has been the kashmir needs a referendum that kush media should decide whether they become an independent nation with a did remain part of india over the they become a part of pakistan has changed over time. There are a number of disaffected young schmead yesterday who i think if you go and speak peak with them who don't like the idea of kashmir being about of pakistan but at the same time there's a puget polarization on the ground on what independence would actually mean what would an independent kashmir actually look like a landlocked state with very limited access to trade so not really in this surreal state where they're suffering on a daily basis all the depredations brought to them by the india nam forces and the police on the ground at the same time. There isn't a leader in kashmir who has the vision the charisma to carry much of the state towards the idea of one independent kashmir took shastri with the asia-pacific program at chatham house speaking with us from washington. Thanks for being with us for sukey. Thanks for having me fear feelings of abandonment post traumatic stress. This is what some children separated from their parents the u._s. Mexico border have been experiencing according to a government report that just came out this week. The trump administration pledged to stop separating migrant families at the border last year but as we've learned those separations are still still happening despite a court order w._n._y._c.'s beth fertig has this story of a man with h._i._v. Who was separated from his three young daughters. Fourteen year old andrea remembers the last time she saw her father they had just crossed the border near el paso last november together with her two younger sisters who are now now eleven and thirteen like many migrants they were kept in a processing center run by customs and border protection and i said yes i i love. It was an indoor location and it was very cold. The family had come from honduras. They were cold but they were still together her until three days later when their father was taken away. It happened so fast. Andrea says they didn't have time to hug each other goodbye. Uh the girls spoke to me in the offices of kind kids in need of defense. It's a nonprofit that represents children region and immigration court. The girls asked us not to use their real names because they're afraid they're now living in harlem with their grandmother. The trump administration's policy z. of separating kids from parents ended in june of last year but the a._c._l._u..

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