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It was when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police showed up the mystery behind what happened a little bitter root late finally like the plane itself emerged into something like Claritin or at least the who is who and what they were doing their the young pilot nineteen year old Jerry Imbros ICK. Jerry's girlfriend eighteen year old. Diane Babcock call descending in the plane do her death. I remember it being so unbelievable first of all that a plane had landed in but I considered our families lake and that someone was killed and that we had actually met the person who was flying on that plane now flathead county detectives said about trying to figure out exactly what happened when the plane came down. And how and why death came to Diane Dan. We concluded that she did. She died by drowning. Dan Did have a broken collarbone fracture in her neck and a bruise to the right side of her forehead ahead. All most likely incurred the plane hit the water but they were all survivable injuries. Except when he found Diane she was still still strapped in. So maybe the seat belt instead of saving her life helped ended. Maybe the buckle. Jan Pat Walsh is a retired detective. Dude he was a deputy back in her lap. Belt had flipped over. So the buckle was against her body or she couldn't have reached it in a hurry without realizing realizing and so the booklet actually flipped around. Yes it slept on a flipped around which is going to happen. If it's a little bit loose loose not cinch down tight but aside from that. The belt was not malfunctioning. In any way it wasn't jammed it wasn't locked and yet it was obvious obvious. Diane did not even try to get it open. Not like you'd think person would if your life depended on it. One of the first things I checked. During the topsy was her fingernails. None of her nails were broke. There was no bruising or anything of the fingertips and you just imagine yourself being in a craft that sinking thinking on your whole on rambling. You know the belt stuck and now you can't get the belt free. I'd probably break my finger trying to get the thing break. Ah if nothing else by straining pulling just on the belt fruitlessly did on an until you have to give it up you know so there was none of that and that. Ah I don't understand that today. Why did that happen? And then suddenly a new twist dance doctor revealed to investigators that just days before the crash rash under death. She'd had an abortion. So that raise deputy Jim Dupont's antenna especially given what Jerry had said in one of those calls to his friend taped by the RCMP. After the crash you will recur to lowest or something like that. Can't live without. Ooh and then go through your mind at that point. Did he really want her to be there. Did he really want to run away with her forever. She is the one that was madly in love with him. It probably wasn't the same type of issue in reverse. So maybe the crash presented an opportunity to not have clean girlfriend. Or maybe his Diane's family would later claim she was a vulnerable young woman afraid of being left by the only lover she'd ever had bad and her emotions told her to get on board. Even if Jerry didn't really want her to Jim a pilot remember had been doing some informed thinking. Aw and he figured Jerry would certainly have had time to save Diane's life if she wanted to I would guess you'd be lucky to get five minutes in five minutes. It's a long time when you're when you're in hurry. You can do a lot of things in five minutes and you can get two people out of an airplane and get what you want out of it and if there was that much time. Why didn't Jerry get her out of their? Why didn't even take out the two-person rubber raft? He'd stashed in the cargo compartment. The theory began to harden in the deputies head. It could have gotten her out of there. That's my opinion. It's my opinion as he could and you must have been thinking that at the time I was concerned why because I know he also he also got out with his equipment. Oh yes jerry's equipment that Duffel bag wrapped in green plastic plastic. He was seen with it on shore after the crash it contained his clothes and money though they didn't know that for quite a while. Twenty two hundred in bucks in Diane Mostly Diane had saved for the trip. I thought it was very convenient that He got that bag and He wasn't able to get her out convenient. It's convenient for hand. Not so convenient for her. No no we. We've all been eighteen in love and and we know how intense that is. If that's the woman I was GonNa with and run away with and I couldn't get her out of the airplane our plan you would have found me in it too and that really was the heart of your belief at this guy had done it on purpose. I think he took a took advantage of an opportunity and let her go down or just didn't try to save himself not her. I'm one of the two things happened. That's I I don't know how you could explain it any other way and there was one more thing troubling Jim dupond. Ab more important than all the other clues namely if Jerry Ambrosi didn't do anything wrong why did he run long. After Poor Diane was lifted out of little a bitter Root Lake. She was laid to rest in a small family plot in a cemetery across the border in British Columbia and in Montana lawmen decided what Jerry did was a crime. They filed charges negligent homicide so Jerry PROZAC was now wanted man a few and the men hunt was on coming up from Canada to the US to south of the border. I wasn't sure he wasn't in Mexico and more tragedy for Diane's father how much more can a family injure.

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