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For him, eh? So yes, the Cowboys did lose today It was. It was a rough go for the Cowboys, and they lost to the Washington football team. And we've talked a lot already about the Cowboys this morning, but something we need definitely hit on. Is the Washington football team and what they've overcome specifically their starting quarterback Alex Smith. He gets a W yesterday. He had a really nice game, but it's hard not for him and those of us who have followed along with this story. To really remember what he's been through two years ago. Essentially, he was in the hospital. Not essentially, exactly two years ago. He was in the hospital after suffering that horrible leg injury and it was the night before Thanksgiving. The team doctor actually came to visit him. If they were to take. They were taking off to go toe Dallas to play the Cowboys. And convince him and just stay One more night in the hospital. Just have everything looked at that point he had already undergone on Lee one surgery. Everything had gone well, well. He had a minor fever. The team doctor leaves and that minor fevers goes into a spiked fever, which turns into him losing consciousness. Always been affection full on infection, all within a couple of hours. He's rushing to emergency surgery. And has 17 surgeries than every other day or every day. Essentially, after that, to try and get his legs stabilizing triplets, I maintain the right leg. Thought he was gonna lose this right leg and possibly his life too. Yes. So It's hard, and he mentioned this yesterday in the postgame sound that he can't even put into words where he's gone and where he's been and where he is now, But it's hard for us who have followed so closely. The story you and I together, obviously were married here, Shake or not, Jordan Corner Watch that documentary. And I mean, I still kind of gasp A little when I see Alex Smith go down when he's sacked or whatever it is and Man. He's It's incredible what he's being admitted He came back onto the field. To play this season. What did I say to you in that very minute? The minute he ran out there given comeback Player of the year now immediately. I don't care if he doesn't throw one touchdown pad, and typically the comeback play the years pro Bowler, Maybe in an all pro. Somebody whose numbers just jump out to you. But in this year in 2020 When we're all looking to be as resilient as possible. We're all looking in the face of adversity to find a way to dig deep and deliver. Despite the obstacles in front of us How great of a story is this Alex Smith thing? No, it's me and I'll be the first acknowledge. When I watch. I do watch with a nervousness. Knowing what fight he had to keep his life to save his life. He's out there playing football. He's out there throwing a couple times this year already over 300 yards. He's out there leading this team. The wins a new coach. Ah, very seasoned coach. Riverboat Ron Rivera, a very respected and established coach. He's got a lot in this league, but yet a new coach in that and under that franchise in a new era there in Washington And a quarterback who didn't think he'd have his leg. Or maybe even his life is leading a division. Tell me, I don't care what the stats become. Although he's had some benchmark games this year, it's on Lee about the fact that he's on that field. It was already solidified to me that Alex Smith was comeback Player of the year. This is just further cementing a runaway award winner. Couldn't agree with you. More So the Washington football team beat the Dallas Cowboys yesterday. 41 to 16 Alex Smith had a really good game. You know, I was a really good game. Antonio Gibson. Antonia Gibson became the first rookie since Randy Moss to get three touchdowns on Thanksgiving, and he gets the MVP moment of the week. The M V P moment of the week is brought to you by sport clips. Now with on deck text alert sport clips. It's good to be a guy s. So we're asking the Keyshawn Jalen Zubin Nation who will be better next year is that the Cowboys or the Texans? I fully believe it's the Texans. My husband here. Jordan fully believes it's the Cowboys both chemo. He's not fair. I don't know if I fully believe now. Don't do that fully just makes a ship. The chips are all the way in on the cowboy shit. I'm not putting the chips all the way in on the Cowboys anymore. Babe. We lost a few chips last night. You don't say just a few Josie. They didn't listen yesterday, which I totally understand. This is a holiday. Jordan pulled the world How we put all the chips in on the Cowboys to win. Yes, the offensive line between Division. Yes. Suspect you losing two offensive lineman in the first offense, Police. Point is 69% of you have said the Texans and Atlanta Cat just set us up in the Dr Pepper Twitter feed and said Texans they don't have Jerry Jones or Mike McCarthy. Therefore, they will be better next year. I'm gonna take my angle. Then you can take yours. The taxes, I think will be better. You saw what does Shawn Watson Indio and I don't care if he even if they're when they're losing games to Shawn Watson is special. He's great. And yes, well, Fuller is a great receiver, and you've got J. J Watt and defensive side of the ball. There are things that these Texans have that they haven't been able to kind of put together if that makes sense. And if you have the right head coach in there, which I would assume the Texans would go out and get Offensive minded head coach. You're in for a real treat. The offensive line has been an issue for the Texans For the past few years. I think we all remember when the show wanted to take a bus back because he was too badly injured because even sack so many times a year or two ago. The offensive line needs to be shut up. The defense needs more weapons, and they obviously need a run defense and in the worst way, But if you just add those simple parts and maybe give the Texans a nice running back to They easily could take care of the Cowboys next season. Nobody loves to shop Watson a zoo, much as I do, and nobody loves watching Shawn Watson shy like he did last night. As much as I do they have a superstar quarterback. I believe he's a superstar quarterback. I just think.

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