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Name. Just matlin. Just changing your parallelism. Oh, yeah. I'm really excited about this one because Jenna did this one solo, but I met Josie years ago when she was she came to visit me talking about argan oil. She was one of the first people to talk about argan oil in beauty products. In the states, yeah. For sure, in 2000 one of the first people ever on Planet Earth. Morocco, that's for sure. But to bring it really to a mainstream beauty audience in the United States, she was really a pioneer. Yeah, we talked about that. We had such a fun Chad. It was like on the eve of Christmas practically. But let me give you a little background in case you're not Christmas. And the eve of the eve of Christmas actually, in case you're not familiar with Josie. She's a model, which is not her real name, which we will discuss. Well, it's not her given name. A model actress beauty entrepreneur probably best known as the founder of Josie Moran cosmetics, a lot of which have argan oil as Jess said. In 1999, she was the face of Maybelline cosmetics. She actually did that for years. She was one of their big spokespeople. She's modeled for guests. Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue many others. She's also an actress. Some of her highlight reel, von helsing, the aviator, you may remember her from, she appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2007 and of course that's the year she launched her brand, which is sold primarily at Sephora and QVC. Anyway, I wanted to talk to her now because I noticed that her newest product Josie Moran apothecary daily repair body butter got an FDA approved drug claim as a skin protectant. For its ability to provide relief for excellent patches, dry skin, but as far as I know, it's not that common for brands that operate operate in this eco friendly sphere, the natural sphere to have OTC drug claims. So I thought that was kind of interesting. Right? And so it was like a good time to check in with her and here actually, why she invented that product has to do with her kids, which I thought was cool. We also talk about her career, including just are gonna love this. The band, she almost started with Nicole Richie. This is like this is why sometimes I really miss out when you do these all of jobs. But I thought of you and I asked about it because I was like, this is great turn of the century late 90s early aughts, like rock band, trivia, just matlin needs that. This was a real miss for me. Well, Josie's a great storyteller, so I'm sure we can enjoy it. She talked to me from her home in saint Bart. She splits her time between there and LA, which is where her company is headquartered. We had a fun chill hang. I'm so glad you guys.

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