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Ruby in Virginia beach Virginia Hey ruby what's on your mind today hi mom I could talk to you well I think the back channel between Russia and trump and his racketeering family Kim Jong moon because worded Kim Jong own travel first he traveled to Russia after the first moment with trump so that is one of your back channels and he has been writing love letters so to speak to trump ever since I think will love letter through Kim Jong un for them it is a back channel that problem practice feeling racketeering family is using what do you say I think it's possible ruby I I suspect though it doesn't need to be that convoluted but I you know it's interesting very well we'll all keep our eye on it thanks for sensitizing me to that I appreciate the call Dennis in Bergenfield New Jersey a Dennis what's on your mind that I've Hey Tom I got a question about infrastructure certainly not much time but back in two thousand four we had Stephens are laying on your program and he said that if the federal reserve on two trillion dollars to rebuild our infrastructure add to that the money supply he said it wouldn't be inflationary because the government spending money on something that is real would you like explain what he meant by all that spending money on something that is real life yeah installation the two things that cause inflation are number one when an individual.

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