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My felt but our goal at fans coaches the player we wanna bring another campaign hit back issue. We wanna beat Bama. And if you're a tainted team it next main one injury does not define your things. And so I just really LSU such a good tradition and such a good fan base. And I hate to be. You know, where this started Taylor though. And I agree totally. I thought it was a bad call. But like everything else you have to just move on. Except would Devon white missing the first, but it started with the the athlete director at LSU Joe Aleve by making a public statement about. I don't know what the purpose of it was. But he said he was going to check with the SEC office. He knows the rules. Was that grandstanding by Joe alita? No. I think he was giving the fans they wanted. Look, I'm pissed but don't you think that was but that just spurred it on and then, you know, Carville come on. I mean, carves just having fun. He he's a he's not this. He doesn't he doesn't swim in these waters. He's a fan. He's no no more than that. Yeah. And it's making us other LSU fan, look bad. You know? 'cause like I said we have a great tradition at LSU. Oh, we're known for the atmosphere and the band there. There may be no there may be no better atmosphere than LSU. Yes there. Well, we'll call. I'll onto my question as I look at LSU this year, you know, sitting at seven and one realistically I'd love to see if beat Bama probably not going to happen. I think we can finish off season apologized to you because we are out of time. We will try to answer that tomorrow. Thank you. For listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. The Paul finebaum show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning at Easter..

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