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Veba Threat. Three a studio Good afternoon. I'm Holly Rowe Bershad filling in for grace. Curly today, if you'd like to be part of the conversation Hey, give us a call it 844 504 to 4 to. But as promised, we have the mighty sheriff who fights against illegal immigration. Every single day on the line with us have well, happy Memorial date of Sheriff Tom Hodgins and thank you for taking time out of your day. How are you? Thanks so much for having me on and all that. I know the families out there who lost their loved ones who sacrificed In the name of freedom problems. I just want to say thank you, and course we honor and salute all our veterans today from this son, important day of Recognition of what we as Americans have been given. How important it is that we know disgrace that by by not taking the time and recognizing what? What Their sacrifice is wrong about most definitely, Um so, sheriff. You've been in the news again. They Isis coming after you shutting down your your detention center? I mean, can they do that? Well, they've done it. But here's here's the problem with this, Holly, you know, I think everybody knows Well, now the the reputation of secretary my or kisses, you know, lack of credibility when he's Look the American people in the eye on number numerous occasions, it said, said to us while we're watching thousands pouring over the border and or drugs pouring in our neighborhood, more transnational gangs coming into our neighborhoods that Borders secure. There's no crisis here, and I can't help. But I'm always reminded of the scene in the Wizard of Oz, where you know they just pay no attention to what's behind that curtain. And that's exactly what's been done here, right And this is what this administration's about and what's really outrageous about this. How dare he? How dare he maligned my staff who have for over 20 years but doing ice detention. I'm not even talking to 87 opportunities to do program yet and over 20 years we have never ever failed any audit by the federal auditors. That are the subject matter. Experts that inspect us is least once a year, not and not the least of which happened and we had the same outcome one week before he suddenly In the flash repent. Shut down our operation with not even a full day's notice. I got a call of the 30. They take all my people's credentials away. Have people come down and that was to create an optic that really is behind the whole story. What they want to do is they want to cripple eyes break apart our partnership so that we can't maximize our ability to keep the citizens of our community safe by not releasing people. Back out into our neighborhoods that have been arrested by local police, or that ice have asked have grabbed our asked us to hold who have serious criminal histories, and then they want to just allow them right back out in the community and prevent us from I'm doing our jobs and you watch and see. And I'm telling all these listeners and then everybody out there, watch and see. This was the beginning of them trying to create an optic of a bigger agenda. They have because Number one. He owes my people in apology my staff for maligning them in a national publication number one to advance his political agenda, the president's political agenda and on top of that Which real interesting Holly. We also won the 270 program movie. We're also doing all the transportation for the air ops to New York and also for planets to be able to get their detainees because part of camp The transport part so but for the 2 87 G program way there's a There's a plaque right now sitting in the Boston office that hasn't been delivered to us yet. And on that plaque, it reads. Congratulations. And this is from DHS headquarters. Congratulations on your perfect score for your 2 80 70 audits That happened this past September, and it's not been delivered to us, and I'm guessing my office won't deliver it because it completely undermines. His false narrative. It's sadly is putting my people my county a risk The people of the Commonwealth at risk and the people of this nation at risk that otherwise wouldn't have been because we had the programs in place in the partnerships that rightfully should be there to keep citizens from being victimized once again. So with your shut down, what type of, you know Have these people been released back onto our streets? Have they been moved to another facility for being detained? Um, and what type of crimes have they committed? Should be. We'd be worried. The last seven. We heard that we no longer have, I think were transferred to other facilities number. The close to 200 that we have in custody had been released over the last. I don't know. Five months. Um, you know, by federal judge and under the under the lawsuit filed against us, my, Um uh by one of the activist organizations. At the time, saying it's too dangerous for these people to be in there, and it's Kobe. They don't think they're in custody that should be in custody. And the truth of the matter is at the time this lawsuit was filed in the judge began the case. We had no corporate cases. Had none. In that whole incident that isn't it self quarantining, right? But of course, all right. Everything. Yeah. Yeah. And this is this is the lunacy around this policy, But it's lunatic lunacy because They're trying to play us all for dummies, the law enforcement community, the citizens of our community. How do they stand down? Allow? What they know is to be an unprecedented amount of sentinel pouring into our communities now, um, unfettered because they're just allowing people to come in the cartels. 20 trails have been closed for 25 years. I've doubted the border cartels coming through with the drugs are now all being used again, and I've talked to the sheriff down there. I know a number of very well. And so what's happening is they're unraveling our ability to keep our citizens safe and my orchestra the meeting down there, Secretary Marcus said to a number of border sheriffs about almost a month ago. He said. We're gonna be revamping ice and they're gonna They're gonna basically be having a new responsibility That's gonna be he didn't say exactly what but The bottom line is This is.

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