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To lead the league in rushing and when the super bowl. terrell davis did it. Obviously the year he rushed for two thousand yards. Mvp season and emmett smith. And that's it in the history of the fifty five years of the super bowl so you need a solid running back but you don't need a frontline back and having to that are splitting carries. And and maybe you're taking away from one was a luxury that the broncos They thought they didn't need when you look at it. So they bring in. Mike boone today two years just under four million bucks point six of that. He's going to get paid this year. One point six of its guarantees have done work. It's really just a one year. One point a one year two point six million dollar deal So i understand. It's going to be a bummer. To see philip go somewhere else but hopefully thrives there and you cheer for him and you'll be done come back to to bite you. When the when the broncos play whomever he ends up landing with but use the chiefs. As an example. They had a first round draft pick. That didn't touch the ball as much especially the playoffs. Maybe a little more in the super bowl now didn't matter because they obviously got their doors. Manav but daryl williams ahead of clyde edwards helaire and ahead of levy on bell a couple of years ago is paid back and football are one of them Daryl williams got the bulk of the carries last year was damian williams after they cut kareem hunt The year before. So just one of those things where phillip lindsay is a hell of a player and you wish him well but you understand. At least i understand why the broncos moved on from i bet unless you're listening closely in and help that you were. You couldn't even hear how smooth. I was at taken out my tosses traffic. They're filling in for michael brown sixty seven on koa. But now you got to hear from dave logan you got to meet new broncos cornerback ronald darby and so i appreciate you indulging me there tomorrow it'll be at the broncos facility for introductory press conferences ronald darby and rian directory press conference of very happy shelby harris. I think we'll see from We'll see george peyton an vic fangio out there so We'll have all that for you on. Tomorrow's broncos daily podcast. I appreciate you rockin with me. We'll catch you next time. On said broncos daily podcast thanks..

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