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So Jon Morgan December were here reporting podcast. I'd like to hear this podcast as opposed to the previous episodes now that they're in their drinking Margaritas and doing shots. Yes. That's the KFI. Don't add me podcast. That's the way to go. Johny a better get on the freeway. I saw this thing on line. I didn't believe it. But I did some investigating and it was true. There was it was it was on Twitter. We've time for radio. It was on Twitter where it was a kid. Asks you knocks on a door with a with a whole box of donuts. And he's going to ask this young lady to go to the prom with him, and he knocks on the door and a young girl opens the door. It's the wrong girl. Oh, no. It's the wrong girl. He knocked on a door. It was the it was going to be a prom proposal. Right. Prom puzzle though, they call buildings. And it was a teens elaborate prom posible involving a box of donuts. I think I got the audio for here to hope the audio is no swearing in it by here. It is knocks on the door. She opens it. And she's thrilled. Like, oh my God. I'm going to this is great. And then the guy's like, oh, no. This is not the door. I was supposed to knock on to the wrong house..

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