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Four assists a game which was his career high will. That's that's just like too good. Yeah nobody could deal with that. And that was the only mvp one but he also led the league by making fifty seven percent of his shots. Unguardable right okay. So if i take that shack that was the greatest center i ever saw. And i listen i was courtside for a whole bunch of kareem games and a whole bunch of akeem games and i watched bill russell a lot on television. I did not go to his games in wilt a barely saw and i just see the numbers. And there i mean he got numbers skip. You might just take him out. Nobody rookie ever going to average thirty seven points a game. Nobody's ever going to score fifty. Nobody go forty four. Every twenty five rebounds every twenty three rebounds for career. That's never going to happen. Skip those records. Never be broken. Never ever ever avenue at six feet. Nine inches tall kept playing seven foot. One inch wilt chamberlain the big dipper. Who kept out playing. I don't know if he played him. Skip i just think he needed easy out will give you got to think about here. Sam jones casey jones. Tom heinsohn. Yeah cousy havlicek on nelson dog. I got that. But i'm just doing it. In my mind's eye jack woulda terrorized wilt. I do you took a sample size. But if you take the body of work you look at kareem. Kareem was levin type all defense. He was a fifteen time all nba player. Nineteen all star six times. Mbh sam a fixed. Nbp's got it leans score of burning. Love it all head to head in their primes could not have dealt with shaquille. O'neal hook is is the jordan we can tell by katie pulo. We can talk about kobe. Fade away the. Most unstoppable shot that god ever created a man to be able to do. Who's the skyhook jack with bothered him. Then shock woulda terrorized him. He would have had such a hard time because the physicality of it would've taken cream slowly but surely out of the game. My money would have been on shack every day. And every night against kareem ir l. creams game. I got it. It was a finesse game. Yes it was a pretty game it was with. This was ugly basketball court. Give me was thirty. Two and sixteen to look. This was the golden era of the big man kareem hurricane robinson shack patrick ewing rick smith. Rick smits the was the golden era. We'll never see another. You will never see another air. Like data the big now is is the would the guards of that nature the big man is you got to shoot the ball. You know far between you're going to get the yokich is you're gonna get the are the joel embiid davis's but the true fives got going on duration. You're going on total career day just going on three years. No no no no. You can't do that but in your minds. I think you already answered the question. I think you agree with me. Like one game for your life. I want check. No no no one game for your life is kareem who taken. I won't take korean. You are night and thinking career. Four six at three thirty. Yes but skip. Do your best thing. People don't realize how great kareem was. Now they do know all time leading your free but when it comes when we start talking about my rushmore. He always gives left off beitar jordan. Imagine bird lebron. I get all that skipped subtle in his greatness that yes subtle. It's like not sensation. Say no you know. He didn't have no celebration. Who's got hooked skipping. He just back up the court you know. He had shot. With duncan. old people had the power with dunkin's shove people. You know jordan withholding the polls. Toby fading away bird. L. greene was effortless. Almost to the point of it looked nonchalant. Yes yeah i mean he he thought the hoop shop and fifteen feet away and it's got it. He wanted every level. He loves one game at highs. Go to games in college. I got it he got. Do you think somebody will ever win six. Mvp doubt it. And i still want the diesel skill if shack that used imagine if you could have got ten years of the three years you're talking about and you could have it sad to no seriously the greatest. Nobody can do anything with larry bird that he was he was before he came out. Larry bird so he probably in the nba right now. Yeah he he would. You'd never again no. I don't think so either beggary. No agents were pulled by the athletic about the most surprising decision of the off season deck prescott's four year. One hundred sixty million dollar contract after suffering a broken ankle. Last year was tied for the most votes. One agent said quote. The cowboys were willing to give him that. Without a franchise or transition tag is basically. Let him hold them hostage or years from now team standpoint. It doesn't make a lot of sense shannon. Will this turn out to be a great or bad move by jerry jones and i told you at the time scale i say once they let carson winston alleged golf get. These deals done with two years left on their contract and that didn't get a deal done as he's not gonna take the same money they gave. Bill you say is a golf went. He's not going to do it. He's there because he saw those franchise with two years left the fourth year and the year option. They went out and expanded him. Neither one of those guys are currently on the team. So dad was like y'all. I mean they were first round pick first and second. They got two years left. I got one year. Ain't nobody gonna talk to me. Don't worry about it. So he said you know what. I'll play this franchise tag now have to our play. Next year franchise tag at thirty eight million. Do you want thirty eight million on your cap. And then the following you're going to be fifty plus so skip. They really didn't have a choice because they put themselves in a buying by kept pushing pushing the ball down the road kicking the can down the road. It's like okay. We'll see if he's good and guess what that play good again. Well let's see if you can do it again. He did it again so they really didn't have a choice in the matter skill and looking at the cab heading this about to be a bargain. Middle of the pack quarterback in the next three to five years will be making forty million dollars the top tier quarterbacks making fifty to fifty five million three to five years. Watch what i say. Look like a bargain at your this deal. A bargain sargon sharp. Oh boy i hope you're right. Nobody windows who could fit where quarterback the market of haiti. That's my say so utah utah. Oh you thought he go with a suitable multiple superbowl like no no. No no no no. Just the prices are going up. That's all i skill but didn't you say on signing day when it finally happened in jerry. Jones admitted that as i kept saying take into the cleaners. The bank robbed. Didn't you say that dak prescott nasa to win at least one soup to justify your money. Yes one super bowl now. You're saying there's no way now saying when luge in back to the question greater bad didn't it's gonna be a bad deal lameta question but if you once you see what. The quarterback market is hitting. We see josh allen. We'll take practical because he's already won. We see josh going. Lamar jackson is about to come. Kalamazoo mira's about the com- you about to see guy start to go end up. Forty to forty five million air. Raj what he does make you you about the seascape in the next three to five years. Fifty million dollars topped here. Okay well dak is. I'll say another two you. That will probably be eight or nine highest paid quarterback and you still.

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