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I'm good man. Talk to me. Got a dilemma at football dilemma. I got Zack and he's playing horribly. My question is on a short week, should I play Andy Dolan tonight who's only had four days wrestling's playing on Sunday and bench. Zach, that's my question for you. Let me tell you why tough one. Because that short, we might make the Baltimore Ravens more susceptible to Andy, Dalton and AJ green. But then it might make Green Bay. I'm sorry, Cincinnati wherever, and it's offense more susceptible to Baltimore's defense. So that's tight. Not to mention a fact that that Prescott might show out Sunday night against the giants because it's an NFC east divisional e NFC east divisional playoff regular season game. It's in Dallas. If I remember correctly and look, they're going against the giants. And it's over. So I will tell you to go with that before Andy, Dalton. Food and weight since I called Jimmy Garoppolo porn star, Jimmy. Do you know what my nickname, Andy, Dalton. Richie cut hair pretty cut member him happy day way. That's that's what I call Andy. Dalton Richie Richie cut. He'll be, we'll see. I say, go with that. Run round away with that man predate the call. All right. Let's go to my man. Caulton you lava Stephen, what's up buddy? How are you? Oh, my God, taking days hanging out in Vegas. It must be nice to be Stephen, a call to call to call two the hurricanes. First of all, I want you to be safe. Assuming that that you go be you going to be susceptible to those hurricanes. There be safe. You and your family loved ones I wish and everybody, nothing, but the safest weakened imaginable. But you know how that goes. When a hurricane is coming and stuff like that flights get delayed. If I waited till the last flight out after my radio show, I might not have made it out here the biggest. That was the problem. Right? Are you? You never called me lazy Caulton. You being us even there anyway. You know what I'm calling about today. I'm calling about Coen to defend Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders and Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers from that nut that you got it. A co host on her par- stake. Okay. So many plane. Go ahead. Let me say, explain something to max Kellerman. Okay. Who doesn't know what from his brains when it comes to NFL. The reason why Jon Gruden relief marquess Pyatt and then re signed him because when he released them, there's no question about counting his whole year's salary is a. And by picking and back up, even if he suspended the Oakland Raiders habits contract, wait for next year. So when next, oh Marquette is buying. We'll get suspended by the Okla by the NFL. It's a common show in Oakland. He doesn't even understand all mechanics of John was Dylan and wants to maintain control over Martavis. Well, I understand that. And I think that at one point max did point that out accurate. Well, let me say no. Well, let me say this to you. I know it, but I didn't care. I still believe that it's an, it's ridiculous that Jon Gruden will bring my.

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