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With a back. Yeah. I know it's like. Yankees have the ultimate right? So they park and all that other stuff now statues, but they have all the plaques and all that other stuff. I think could you imagine. If the Yankees decided to do statues out in front of Yankee Stadium. Holy crap goal the way around. Yeah. It looked like lollapalooza. Like a million people there. Yeah. I know. Well, and it also do you ever see the Mario statue? They have all. Yeah. So it's got it's actually got two islanders because it's at famous play. We broke through the two defencemen. They made statues of two islanders defenceman end. How you do it though. That's the thing, you know, like the islanders could have statues. They could. Nassau coliseum. Belmont thing. Bettman's still pushing that whole thing. What? They play their playoff games anywhere. But the Nassau Coliseum that is that is an absolute mistake. Disgrace describes I'll say mistake. Lost say disgraceful disgraceful travesty. Dammit travesty. Yes. I like travesty not disgrace. But travesty all right. Very good. It's home-ice advantage, man. Yeah. Without a doubt, the old porn if you will NYC live at Nassau Coliseum slap some lipstick on that big. We'll tell you that. It's still a pig. But we like the fact that it's a pick. Now looks like a slinky. Yes. Definitely does by the way, this stadium in person is crazy, man. It looks like it's unbelievable. When you look at it here to see the inside of it. Yeah. I mean, it's got all those panels and the weirdness opens, unfortunately, the the roof is not going to be open for the Super Bowl. So, but which would make it really a cool look to it yet. I think it's probably a good thing. I mean, it's probably gonna be raining there. Same possible rain on Super Bowl Sunday, which means then our show the Super Bowl today. The pre-game show that last for four hours will be in. Inside not outsource you want. The ring you don't want to be outside from four hours. We would be outside for two hours hour and a half or something like that. So you rooting for the rank you want that rain kind of like being outside. You didn't this morning? We were walking over here. Well, that was kind of weird. The hotel is attached to this. Get the shower going. I got the issues this morning, and I got to walk out six to I didn't love the outside work either. I gotta be not that I'm high maintenance, but it wasn't didn't have a jacket on what? Because I didn't think I was going outside. Purple vice you go outside when it's can attach to your hotel. I don't know. That's what we're shawny took us over here. Tony up with you. I had an old maid outside. I was taken. I trust me. I know. But he said that we had to go outside. We were told right? So I said, okay. So tell me that Sean screwed up.

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