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No active Mormons will always point out at this point that the United Order was fully voluntary and families under duress to participate. This is bullshit Jan yeah yeah. Brigham young was known for many things but issuing suggestions was not one of them more not really known for voluntary. Do It don't. So. From Eighteen, seventy, four, forward, two hundred or so communities implemented some form of the United Order and every single one of them would eventually fail most with only within only a few years. The town of Orrville. In Central Utah which was founded specifically to practice the United Order gave up on it and eighteen, thousand five. One. Of the names name didn't change. I looked up orrville online and at the two thousand, ten, census, fifty, five residents. Yeah tiny. It's tiny if you drive south on eighty nine to Vegas, you drive right through it. one of the last towns to continue the practice was ironically Bunkerville Nevada. If that name rings a bell. It's because it is the hometown of one cliven Bundy. Right? We talked about backing episode Communist. Super Big Fan of a socialist ideas. Yeah exactly. He's famous only for his disdain of centralized government and the specter of socialism. So, there's that. Now. I'm not going to get into the political differences between socialism and communism except to say that most of the experiments under the United Order tended much closer to communism with property and goods being owned by an undemocratic preoccupied with the equality of outcomes. So. This is not the form of socialism that we would find compatible with democratic societies today. These experiments failed for the same reasons that the Soviet system failed in the nineteen eighty s corruption and mismanagement widespread, and so distrust and resentment eventually led the these communities to give on the United Order even though it contradicted. Brigham wishes so. Not a common thing. Yeah. Yeah. But the fact remains that from its inception to right before being granted statehood the Mormon Church was at least trying to be a communist collective. If that seems somewhat incongruous with with the Mormon. Church has become. That's because it is. The fact that an organization only all the way. But only completely totally yes. Yeah. The fact that an organization that would make Adam Smith. was founded on principles that would make Karl Marx. Proud is not lost on modern mormonism. As, churches desperately tried attempted to be accepted in modern society. This history has proven problematic especially since the main political bogeyman of the twentieth century was communism..

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