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On the florida state capital today demanding action school safety guns and mental health but a number of them were turned away from meetings with elected officials after being told that only those with appointments would be allowed in earlier a group met with the state attorney general pam bondi for a discussion on mental health issues following the massacre at their school that left seventeen dead president trump host listening session at four this afternoon at the white house with those impacted by gun violence scheduled to be their parents teachers and students from parkland florida columbine colorado and new town connecticut the president has announced his support for outlined bumps stocks which were used in the las vegas concert massacre atop democrats weighing is senate minority leader chuck schumer is pushing back against the president's openness to regulate the bump stocks thing well the fact they are quote exploring policy changes to curb gun violence is a welcome shift there are serious problems he claimed with the president's approach schumer says the atf has previously concluded it does not have the authority to regulate bump stocks without congressional action something he believes the president should call for and when it comes to the bipartisan bill the president backed up to the nation's background check system for gun purchases schumer said that bill also includes a tough nra priority allowing concealed carry reciprocity correspondent serena marshall reporting more allegations against or the raw legistor pleaded guilty to group of women at a clinic in philadelphia he's now accused here in new york he was a year ago that forty five old hillary tooling coldest sex abuse hotline and said dr brick carter crucially on eve repeatedly raped her in his new york office she reportedly said she testified before a manhattan grand jury two weeks ago he was indicted on seven sex charges including rape attempted rape and criminal sex act when the victim was unable to give consent dr christiani is wellknown in his field for treating rare neurology syndromes that caused billeting pain.

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