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When you've a Wells Fargo checking account, Wells Fargo Bank and a member of the SEC. It's 12, 48 traffic and weather on the eights. Rob Stallworth in the W. T o p Traffic Center. We're going to start in Maryland. This is the interlude near for 50 Annapolis Road. We have the report of one broken down. So watch out for that. Otherwise, things are clear on I 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway between the two beltways route 50 looking pretty smooth across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, both eastbound and westbound with three lanes west into Lane's east on the Eastern Shore. Westbound route 50. This's fast why Mills and 44. We may have one stopped in the roadway. They're traveling in Bethesda 3 55 Rockville Pike, both ways just north of Cedar Lane. We had the report of the crimes. They're involving a bicyclist. We believe you may be under police direction. They're north down to 70 after 1 17. That work remains along the rights out of the road way south down to 70 after 1 20 for the work zone Mobile in nature. Is along the left side. No issues reported in Virginia on the Beltway between Alexandria and Adela McClane eastbound 66, often on the breaks inside the Beltway due to the work zone past Washington Boulevard, having a single left lane getting you buy. I 95 South bound lanes available as you make your way between the Springfield interchange in Fredericksburg. It's north down. I 95 watch for delays past dump for He's headed toward 1 23. That's where we had debris in the centre of the road. Way no problems on 93 95 as you make your way past its road headed up to and across the 14th Street Bridge, and the district remains clear on the South East South West Freeway north Down D. C. Tu 95 past Pennsylvania Avenue. Watch for delays there as you head towards Eastern Avenue. From Internet speed options up to 100 gigs to cloud collaboration tools. Cox Business offers flexible and scalable solutions. So Northern Virginia could you can get back to business Learn more at Cox Business dot com I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o P. Traffic. Okay, Rob Here's Storm Team force Lauren Ricketts. It is a hot and muggy one. Temperatures are going to continue to rise today, too, right around 90 degrees, but, of course, feeling close to.

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