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Ways to look at this. But he was he was definitely chucked into After he very early back in two thousand Twelve Anne bounced around. I'm sure he's the only driver Tova Finish eleventh in in the Porsche. Carrera Cup Great Britain Championship ashore but Yeah he's he's bounced around a lot and opened down singles career for sure formula. Three point five let's it's a two after GP to And and really two thousand eighteen was supposed to be the ED Nicholas Latifi emerged onto onto the scene promptly and with the new after you especially equalize the field there was a lot of rockies. Point your remember Georgia so Alex Albany in London Rolpa Fat Rookie Crop London. Donna race in in two thousand seventeen. GP TO BE COMEDY. Carl L. knows him Having a lot of experience but Nicholas was really supposed to hit the ground running. Not Yeah it was really after eight four with Charles the second half of two thousand seventeen eighteen in GP to and and really taking the fight to him and only Roland in that second. Half of the year and Dutch armies never emerged He was ill in the in. The preseason testimony missed the first test and wants he came back he felt like he was chasing the new call completely completely different to his drive in style in in the Collagen fail anything like the dumbs driven in the previous year in GP and he you went we always on a rabbit. Warren of setup changes that took him in the complete wrong direction. All is happening while Alex album was scoring three consecutive polls From the second race of the season woods and really taken Pfizer to George Russell in London noise in early season so Nicholas really struggled with illness and then and then the missing time the loss free test so that was that was supposed to be his year and it didn't. It didn't go that way. It took till Hungary really for them to undo all the bouts of changes. They'd made an Nicholas. The safety If you've seen we've feature on all export dot com unfortunate is written by me but if you take the time to work through it You know explains that that season in great depth and it was hungry when they When they got together but it also it also shows a a great willingness to look inside himself and dictate to to realize is is made mistakes and he's very honest about in the future if you if you read the quote some Very honorable set of quotes. I would say you know these first presents out to take a long look in the mirror to actually actually realize that it was my fault. We know what was going on there so Twenty nineteen spend much better but still walking a pole position. That's the one thing that you know. Therefore funders of commendable will notice on receive. Eighty is not an orgy. PT Position which is obviously a big deal but East Windsor she took the fights. Nicholas the reason. I think I genuinely think he's been looking at times as we've seen a couple of incidents where he should have scored better results through no fault of his own Definitely Monica it was a big one way or the The flag was applied incorrectly and Nick degreasers leading the race at the time was not then. It didn't have to pay again in that race. Despite the fact that you I should have done further regulations because of the red flag allowed to change tires under the red flags at about SUV made is mandatory tired change later on in the race and they. They didn't have to do that and also also the the drivers further back. We're not giving back which they also should have been so from about eight thousands. I think it was the whole field was lockdown and Nicholas was one of those drivers and he. He fought very hard onto at that race. He was taken out by teammate. In the rebel rink So set camera. He also had a a very Controversial incident move with Guangzhou What's Monster? As well aware he was he came off the western and not bow as well so probably three or four races of the ruined is weak and just just the backbone if you went back into more detail you bill to to find out more. So he's not fighting for the championship this weekend. And trump was replica weekend. Daly by by Nick Debris I think Nicholas feel very hard by having seen Nick Theresa's performances in Abu. But W this weekend. They just can't monetize economic model officer if it had been a final weekend decided I think Nicholas. Let's if he would have had a good chance of winning championships this weekend but it's just not worked out for him. What we can expect is what we've learned from his union singles ECOWAS? He's very willing to take a long look himself to work on his own. Drive in to listen to advice ace to accept when he's not got it right and to go back on that all key traits. I think for you know we've seen drivers come in to form a woman not have those traits Be Very restrict about how they want the cost. That's up and not be willing to make changes and realize that they're the problem and that kind of drivers who you don't last long phone so I think judging by the fact that Williams allies let's be at the back of the field again. I I think he's acceptable choice for them to take you know. We don't know the INS and outs that L.. But we're all human that brings him some push it through his valley. Extensive family family businesses is. That's been involved with longtime opposition. McLaren were purchase law share on around Monaco. Time last year so You know he's very interested in Formula One and ease always in the potty Atlanta Pushing Nicholas to to today better and not in a in a porsche cartoon dot kind of way. But you know very supportive kind of always have a presence in the product and always co presents Tautou about Nicklaus's performance as well and you can see where am would look from. You know there's no there's no shame looking at yourself and say I've made a mistake this round all we've made a mistake over the last couple of months so yeah I think I think good job. Williams obviously with people like Nicole combat on the market. You Know Williams have made a big coal to go with Nicholas despite the father is single. Is You know not spotless. As some of the people learn a lot from Georgia I think you know Georgia's year to establish himself in full now has proven that. He's a very talented driver I think Nicholas will have a lot to learn. And The Times where he doesn't impress any makes mistakes and you may be isn't on Georgia's pace but I think he showed in his journey single career as we talked about the East cots ability to to really book look at data analyze workers engineers and you know definitely acknowledged you know. When he's made a mistake he'll it'll be the first one to try to? He does strike me as one of those droves. He's never really caught the all you with this kind of stellar underlying ability lights like you say that work ethics been important. I Know Williams have been quite impressed with his attitude the way he's asked today Robson. Basically principal engineer thinks his job title and he was signed the whenever Nicholas is on a Friday always kind of lets. The garage obeys. Go a good approach and I think he's going to be the second Dr George Russell next year I think I don't think he's quite in that class from what I've seen he does lit- lie. Someone who can just work through. Things will be quite useful additions to the team and he may not be someone who's jaw-dropping laptop so that kind of thing but I can say in putting together decent rights performances learning from mistakes as you as you said obviously it's a financially motivated decision. There's no doubt by the number I've heard is in the vicinity of maybe fifteen million euros For the year which is designed basically as well commit suicide was bring joy. Says there's no shame in that what's whatsoever so he's not kind of Norris Norris Russell Alban Types Helen but one of those interesting ones. Sometimes you see drivers like that. Do get progressively better the more complicated implicated the job become. Shall we say we've seen come through with the perfect junior single seater. Save a lot stuff over northern. It's not worked for them. It's not A it's not golden cave conforming. One for the next twenty years is part of a much bigger package and I've seen some comments on social media and and some actions it to the feature we wrote and and people you know say Nicholas Pedroia and he's boy is see he doesn't to be there and all that kind of stuff you know. I think I understand is Is Unique single. CBS and probably what you've come to expect from people committee chairman one but For me all the signs that he's got the ability to to improve even I don't think You know it's obviously difficult to to compare jounieh. Are you single. Say it creates how he's GonNa React. As you quite rightly said he's very good at working with engineers We've already talked about how he's good at work on himself and he understands astounds data and is a very intelligent driver and the one thing we didn't mention there really is is race craft as well which is Something old same good info. We want I think because he's very He's not he's not perfect in January squash. Don't get your own book for Someone Who's not schooled Paul Position and he scored six wins in the championship but not shows that he can come for the failed. I've seen him many times for the season. Qualify around sixth seventh eighth and work his way forward to score podiums. He's very very good in a race and I think the Dan the criticism I think I have of his is race Fisher. Toll was incident with. We've gone you Joe. I mentioned earlier. That was split-second decision that you had to make their and I think he should have failed to the runoff quicker. Could then he then he did. I think that that was all that was on jobs fall. In in my opinion you know the opportunity to get out of the way of that one I think and he left the call that almost in you know trying to hold his ground and and I think if you went back to change that but that was a split-second decision. He didn't know what the other driver was doing. And I think it's hard to criticize him for that but yeah for the for the rest of the season in the rice crop spin been ready to good and I think not you know that should help make up for some of the. NFL will qualify deficit. That you will have to Georgia so because as you earlier this year is shown Georgia Shannon Alonzo like solve approach to their share in Alonzo performance if you like from when he was a minority so Obviously is in is in the Mercedes next week. So there's there's no doubt with Georgia's in you know in in the in the Grens game and things at the moment Nicholas's Through through maybe You know maybe it's always own fault but through his junior singles Ebay. He is going to have to prove the DOT was wrong. Whereas Policy George came in with those big title?.

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