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Or some was something similar it's a memorable phrase that you can recall usually and it's long and more difficult for any computer program to gas hourly traffic and weather center one actually working westbound on I. thirty at north Kakul hill road tonight mostly clear low around seventy two later on tomorrow sunny a high near ninety three alone you're seventy five on Sunday high ninety four low seventy five first check first mention of precept on Monday right now it's seventy nine degrees here KRLD I'm Gerry Hotchkiss the Joe pack show begins on newsradio ten eighty K. R. L. do this is the go to talk to call eight eight eight nine four one tags and down Hey great radio stations across the land Joe pads dot com Facebook Twitter Instagram email it's all right there also a live video stream the email newsletter sign up is right there is me your email address in on a Friday it was a straight one section yes take for it is but it doesn't I don't know what you mean what days anyway where is Bob got three let's go thank god it's it is Friday you know it that's right thank god it's thank god he is Friday you know what the real to.

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