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Go out in public with legs. And before that i was off i told you before evens. I like a lot of people. Don't believe what i am. And like is i was very shy before i like that happen. I am soon now. I've got a and it was hard to like guy out in public wearing Because obviously everyone i am. We'll be different and are looking at here yet. Look different you different. And like yeah. Just he's at advised was like stop worrying about what other people think of you and that let's take so much way your shoulder it does still whatever you want and pretty much all his advice like you how one life like and then it makes it really makes sense. Because you're leaving now. You still have a to leave and like why you know why worry about what other people things. Just stay on a hat. I love that. Shot out to gary v. If you guys don't follow him yeah we recommend it. We're gonna attack yet. Is heidi written. And then he's got out but yeah that's it that's amazing. I mean honestly i do. I do say that. That's hard. Because i think every individual struggles with worrying about what other people think On all kinds of on a level whether it's physical appearance or they're worried about him and thinks you're smarter. Not are you know if they like me that type of thing so like you said that we are guaranteed in medicine right here and one's not spend it worrying about things that don't that my last question for you. It's a team is what is the best piece of advice that you would give a younger version of yourself. Who is in the thick of struggle if you had a few moments with them soon love yourself and like i mean like truly. Love yourself because i know again. It's gonna stockley up now on it's gonna love you if you don't love yourself any it's not even like you have to care about other people if they're gonna love you not by incomes of like when you make decisions in life it becomes from a place of south love you will probably napa. I'm not gonna say now will make a wrong decision but you will make better choices shoes bench choice suada so like if you think about it really is based on self love. It will come from like a place like anything like before my youngest. Like all gonna love. He like. I'm talking about internal relationships and unite boise stuff. There's like a multi national pre enough. Like and i look back live. He's talked to log. Why you why do you talk to like that and Yeah yourself us. Not in a selfish way of course but You really client keep love to other people. Econ floor out auburn empty coffee. Like that's what they say Once you have your mental like sightseeing like your head is in the right place you'll be able to achieve a lot of Incredible themes like. I believe it. Siamese Tattoo tie that actually say iran. What i got it off. I broke up with my life long term life boyfriend before like i went through when we manage awful because my once i broke out. Wow thima hugh lavious. Oh at all that relationship before. I you pull everyone else first. And then klina who push myself down myself. Yeah like i can tell offer that i got that and yeah and when once you you're in new orleans take care of other people like you want them to you. Don't love yourself. How without when you truly not when you truly truly skis me. Love yourself like truly love yourself. It just opens you up to be in loved in a different kind of way by someone else because you have different. you know. it's just you have different expectations and It's just something like eleven miss mysterious thing anyways. When you do truly love yourself it makes it can completely change your whole entire world so i love that lots of love here. I love that Oh my god you have such an amazing empowering story. I wanna thank you endlessly on behalf of our team in every single person you heard your story in connected with it after the podcast i will hit to my easel in create a eighteen specifically for you that represents what i personally fell. Install from your incredible story. transformation If anyone is interested in seeing that process or getting one of the limited edition prints that goes along with it. You can do so own my instagram. And yeah and i've going to link to team at did you say that you have ticked talk as well. Yes yeah i do. it's the same. it's the same listening. Might awesome so. I will link her. Social media is low so you guys can check her out as well but thank you so much for being on the show. Thank you also. I want to thank my guest so much for sharing their incredible story transformation with us. I'm going to link their social media's below so that you guys can give them a follow through their incredible journey if you personally felt connected to the story. And you'd like to purchase one of the limited edition prints that goes along with it. You can do so website at jessica. James dot com j. c. j. d. s. dot com of course to follow us on instagram. And i am club and like and subscribe to the channel so they don't miss next week's episode of heart..

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