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First news five seven, Dan, arrows, commuter weather. Temperatures in the fifties. Sixties and seventies later, we'll see some sunshine, but still the threat of shower later today, we'll have more on what you can expect those move through the week coming up in just a couple of minutes. A manhunt his on this morning for a gunman. Police warn is extremely dangerous Twenty-seven-year-old Jonathan Morales is wanted for spraying bullets inside a Bergen county home Sunday killing one injuring three others. It is not known where Morales fled. But police say he's considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. Governor Murphy says the state's April tax collections are exceeding scaled back expectations. But rather than cancel a proposed income tax hike on the rich. He wants to increase spending undirected property tax by a quarter billion dollars at his town hall meeting in Ewing. Murphy didn't provide details on tax collections which treasurer Elizabeth Moyo will provide lawmakers next week. But he says it's pleasant surprise and pledged to use it for property tax programs. If we get the millionaire's tax, we will plough at least two hundred fifty million dollars more than one of already talked about the direct middle-class property tax relief homestead benefits on succeeded two point two billion dollars. But state spending on the trunk below three hundred million dollars. People lose eligibility as their incomes rise beyond the program seventy five thousand dollar limit at the state house. Michael Simon's, New Jersey went to one point five news are there tensions between governor Murphy and his Lieutenant governor had sure appeared that way as Sheila Oliver testified before the assembly budget committee in her do. Will role as community affairs Commissioner she was asked about a much criticised charity run by the governor. And first lady the Phil Tammy Murphy family foundation has funded lawsuits over the state's affordable housing laws asked about a potential conflict of interest Oliver tried to bite her tongue, but ultimately blurted out. I can't control myself and compared Murphy's charity to the Trump foundation which was forced to dissolve due to conflicts of interest and alleged illegal activities paper or plastic about neither under a new proposed ban on all disposable bags in New Jersey Senator Bob Smith says charging a fee for single use bags at stores won't deal with the plastic pollution. That's an emerging crisis inside all kinds of living creatures. We're finding it in freshwater fish in New Jersey in the Pacific rivers for finding the ocean. Fish Smith says a lack of single use bags is not a new concept to wholesale shoppers. He hopes to amend the Bill and get it on the Senate floor before summer. Erin vogt. Jersey. Went a one point five news. Long branch is gonna give way free parking to residents at a city lot there warning. However, it's first-come-first-served if the Chandler in maps municipal lot the dirt lot is a former lumber yard typically cost five to ten dollars a day. The owner of maximum security says the horse will not run the Preakness and filed an appeal of his disqualification as the Kentucky Derby winner, the response to the appeal was swift denied, Jerry West's only recourse now may come in the courts, he's hinted. He could file suit against Kentucky racing officials for the first summer in quite some time. The impact of beach replenishment projects on the public is going to be minimal down the shore. US army corps of engineers is still working on beach fill efforts in northern ocean county, but just a fraction of the project remains we're working final area of bay head. And it includes a small section of point pleasant beach. Spokesman Steve Rochette says sand placement should wrap up in mid to late June acting as a buffer during storms we've been doing work really nonstop since hurricane sandy. Do you know flam New Jersey one zero one point five news? There is new information this morning in the story. We told you that a fake Uber driver picking up a woman near the university of Delaware campus. Police now say the victim passed out of the back seat woke up as she was about to be raped with a knife to her back. She was forced into a sex act after she jumped out of the vehicle ran to the nearest house in called police. The driver Forty-one-year-old Roberto Rodriguez was arrested a short time later. The victim was walking home from a friend's house around one AM when Rodriguez pulled up to her said, he was an Uber driver and offered her a ride. New Jersey transit will soon have more train. Engineers a dozen engineering. Students about the graduate wrapping up a seventy eight week.

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