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It's time for your cbs sports update with the man with the myth with the mystery reject sports flag more myth than anything else i might add bill it's been a tough week for the ravens and otas they lost corner on young to a tornado shield today tainan dennis hit a suffered another dislocated hip injury an reportedly going for surgery this latest injury is careerthreatening baseball action right now in the bottom of the first it's san francisco with a two nothing lead over philadelphia the pyre i should say the pirates on top of the mets by a score of one nothing in the top of the first bottom of the second no score between atlanta and cincinnati miami has jumped down to a four nothing lead over arizona and the first on home runs from christian yellow cheese seven and justin bore his sixteenth getting underway at the top of the hour the dodgers in the first place milwaukee brewers the dodgers sending clayton kershaw to the mound give me nelson will start for milwaukee also right now the american league on top of the second baltimore leads boston by a score of two two nothing manny machado his eleven th home run of the seas and said smith has also gone deep his fifth justin smoke and josh donaldson with home runs in the bottom of the first for toronto they go to the second at roger center and it's the blue jays in front by a score of three to nothing for smoke it was his thirteen th of the season donaldson his fourth detroit quickly in front of the white sox by a score of two two nothing in the top the second houston texas so get underway at the top of the hour the astros have won seven in a row insent eight no dallas kykl to the mound nine he of the one point eight one the er ray he'll be opposed by yu darvish also getting underway in under an hour from now the indians who have the colead in the al central belt take on the walls the other coleaders the twins are in anaheim tonight i'm reject.

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