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Has now shipped worldwide with an expansive customer base increase in some well into their nineties. They're continuing goal is to share this groundbreaking product with people searching for a better Energy Solution. We have three different flavors Galactic grape a berry Moon and Celestial Punch If you go to Nova, I need you drink.com and use the code word Geo you get 10% off your order. Yep. And welcome. Welcome to the mouthpiece a wrestling podcast. Once again, Benny Boyd that we lips and jio in the house. Hey Gia, what's up? What's up? I got nothing quit be this week is going to go to wake it has been pretty solid in it like yeah, no drama parkford. Randy Orton obviously really going in on Soulja Boy in it. You think that's leading to something or you think it's just hatred? I honestly think at this point, it's just taking the piss out of Soulja Boy and his stupid comments. Yeah, I think so, but he's got in Hardin it like under when w w. If they'll step in and tell him to like children then I yeah, I woke up to that. That's the first thing I saw this morning was telling him about his anyway his bits and pieces off like the other week. He was like, hey, can you tell my wife how fake wrestling is Soulja Boy? Well, it's been loving it. But he went in today. He went in dead. But yeah, it just didn't obviously wanted start big shout-out to Road Dogg Brian James and his family. It sounds like he had a heart attack Wednesday or Thursday and he's had a procedure a heart procedure did need like Monday last night or something yesterday. I haven't heard too much today would be I think it would be today today's Monday, right? Okay, so it's today. Oh, yeah, it's not Tuesday. Good night. We're breaking the fourth wall people off not really Tuesday. But yeah, so his wife put out a tweet and stuff and and we tweeted as well. We should invest I mean damn strobe dog, you know, like if you want off Tuesday in a break Maggie zero less, we should probably guests are always going to go prevent, you know going to get dragged out in spots. But yeah, yep. We wish him a speedy recovery. Cuz as I say Road dog was even Billy Gunn probably my favorite tag team of all. I've just watched the 98 dumpster match with him against practice Jack and change. Charlie him and Billy Gunn. I just watched that Bachelor. She was it was damn good Chainsaw. Charlie makes me laugh and.

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