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Leon on Arizona's news station. KTAR news. I wasn't supposed to have breast cancer. I was thirty six married with three kids. I worked out loved to cook. And was active in my church. My friend recommended Ironwood cancer and research centers. They're experts in treating breast cancer, the doctors and staffer amazing and cared for me like family. They showed me. This was just a bump in my road. I said bring it on if you've had an abnormal mammogram you to yourself and your family to call Ironwood breast centers. My name's Michelle. I'm still cooking. And I'm cancer free. Some say one of the worst sounds you can hear is a car crash. Yes. And all the stress that goes with that can be worse. The accident is stressful enough the repair process doesn't have to be. Hi, this is Kevin Dave and Leo. And we're the collision team at bumper to bumper radio individually we own campus body, salon I seventeen collision and first class auto body together, we're an unbeatable team working for you, not the insurance company. To get your job done. Right. Check us out at bumper to bumper radio dot com. If you're thinking about selling your home, you may have heard that fair can sell your home for free and save you thousands of dollars in commission fees, but there are other powerful advantages to selling your home with Barra. It's really the technology behind care that gets home sellers excited. That's because with bare. We offer the smartest and most efficient platform in the real estate industry buyers. Make genuine offers in real time will you as a seller. Get real time. Offer ranking this guarantees higher offers buyers can also make offers without.

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