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Put this kid split out. No. When they drafted him, That was obviously the intention that's right. And maybe they had their eyes on one of two other players of E T and was The board. Maybe they would have tried that with somebody else. Maybe I don't know that for sure. A couple things first off. I'm Travis et and I'm pumped because you're gonna make a lot more money. Catch the ball. Then you are running the ball guarantee. But in the NFL, no doubt about it. Number one number two my question. I would have probably this back to you. We have had You know, it's funny. It seems like a little thing. You know, it's not, but it's not the sexy conversation. But my partner and you were just being honest. Of course, some of the New York papers took it the wrong way. But when you said And you were not wrong when you said it. That's a quant. Barclay's not every down back because of his inability to pass, protect properly. And then of course, he got hurt. It was It was terrible timing, but you were absolutely right. If if Travis et ends, not spending enough time in the running back room. Is he learning how to properly pick up blitzes to protect this quarterback? Yeah, He's been pretty good at that, and it's really a want want to thing and at Penn State say Quan wasn't asked to do it a ton and in college is it's such a different proposition, then. You know these? These brutes at linebacker who are I don't know, screwed up in the head a little bit. Just wanna knock your block off and I'm only half joking, right? So it's a different exactly. It's a different proposition in the NFL than it is in college. Um I don't remember Travis Ctn being Liability in college, but also just like sake wanted us to us. To an extent. It's a good question. You asked me T because they scattered him a lot like they have free releases for him. So if you're gonna dog him Dog, the running back. You want the running back to stay in, They're gonna free release. And if you don't have someone pick him up, Guess who's getting the football? Travis? He did, And that's what's gonna happen. He's gonna go 60 yards because you're now you know, out, man, because you have everybody in man coverage behind that, and so It's a good question on what seat we'll only know we'll only be able to know when we see it right. Just like we knew when we saw it with sake, want a little bit, But I love this idea. For the Jacks. Will jaguars with Travis Ctn. The reason you know this makes sense, and you knew it was on his mind more so than just drafting travesty. Tien is that he even said this. Urban Meyer originally wanted to draft Darius Tony. Right from from Florida. But the Giants took him at 20. And we know this about Tony. He is a He is a kick returner. He is a wide receiver. He is. You can put him in the back field. You could do the Jets. Would you do everything with him? And so I think, Urban Meyer Had this in his mind. I'm going to take forever Lawrence number with the first pick. And then with our 2nd 1st round pick. I'm getting this multi purpose diverse playmaker. I want to Darius Tony member. He said this after the draft, he five C T and wasn't our first choice. Say that right? Anything. We wondered if he should actually say exactly. He said He was heartbroken, like like I'm heartbreaking because there is Tony. A lot of people thought he was gonna fall into the second round. Sir. Urban Meyer was like I'm gonna get him like he's my guy quietly. He's truly who I want. When he was gone. Travis Ctn became the the I don't know the bridesmaid, so to speak, but it's a hell of a bride's maid. Because Travis see Tien is very versatile, and I love the kid as you mentioned at the top of the segment. Listen, just ask Vince. I mean, some of those bridesmaids were pretty good. You know what I mean? They were pretty good. Um, you know, I love when somebody No matter what league or sport was talking about. I love when somebody comes in, that is, you know, counter to what has been either verbally espoused or schematically. Implemented for years, and they've got a different notion. Now. Chip Kelly was that way. Didn't really work out, though I do think In large part, his NFL tenure is largely underrated. I mean, like he had a couple of decent years he didn't games. Did you know the whole thing with Riley Cooper went sideways. That was a bad look that lost in points rightfully so. But, you know, I think people misremember Chip Kelly was actually producing point being. Ship came in with different concepts and different thoughts, and it was interesting, and it seems like urban Meyer's company with same different thoughts, but the same way of being different and I think that's fun for us, and I think it enforces people too. To adapt and you'll get to see just how smart some of these other franchises are on the flight. Yes, adjusting bt I said when we're talking about this in the slack channel who did I compare him to Sean Payton? Right. A matchup is he's searching for matchups. Right, John? He would do this with Jeremy Shockey. When Jeremy was one of those early I got a mismatch. Tight end. You're gonna how you cover him. He put a line back out there. CIA put the safety back there. You have no shot. Cause he's so big. And so urban Meyer is searching for matchup advantages, and that's how great offensive minds are able to take advantage of a changing NFL because it is changing. Used to never see this we're running back with, you know, spend a lot of time outside of the backfield. I think we're seeing Maura and Maura and Maura of this, especially as he's running back coming out of college. Maura and more diverse, like Travis Et en is, you know, we want to church it up right? And we want to make it seem so elaborate, but the end of the day in the corps, the corps, you know, message point in the NFL, and from it often support of you is Get your fastest guy. Get him the ball in space. That's right. Maybe really matter how you doing? We're doing where you line them up. What he did in college. How we gets the ball. Just get in the rock and give us some space. Right? Football is not rocket science. That's it area. Take. Let's get the update Act is on top of that. We'll get to inbounds out of bounds at the rags update. There's some rumblings will hit this coming up at four Eastern one Pacific that Kawai could be poised to bounce from L. A. So we have a lot to do. But inbounds at about is next after act who's right now he is rich. See me? Yes. Sports sports flag guys..

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