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Case goes to trial in San Diego next month. Some of his famous friends are expected to take the stand comedian patent Oswald and O'Brien's on air sidekick Andy Richter are both on the witness list Cording to the Hollywood reporter in July twenty sixteen Alex caz Berg or case Berg, shooed Conan and his company. Nocco Kodeco cone Akot. Cannot conaco. Conoco Conoco Conoco TBS and Time Warner alleging that Conan writers stole jokes from his social media feed and blog about Caitlin Jenner Tom Brady and the Washington Monument. While also Oswald. Bless you. Thank you. Richter Turner production. Exact multiple Conan writers are expected to appear as witnesses during the trial of California. Federal judge veto to comedy experts that case Berg hope to call on for his defense, or for his case court documents show comedy experts. The judge also granted O'Brien's request to close the court during testimony about confidential financial information. The rest of the trial will be open to the public. They oh that time magazine has released their list of the one hundred most influential people of twenty nineteen k they've divided them up into segments or topic or head headings titans. Icons leaders artists and pioneers twenty nineteen only four months in. Well, that is are they are they predicting? No, they're saying that these people are so influential they will influence the events to come. Okay this year. All right. And there it's interesting. How many you don't know many of these people you've never heard of? We'll how can they be influential? I don't know them. Well, it's because a lot of them are scientists. Oh, okay. Some of the resigned to some of them arrest, Ron tours, maybe you, but it covers all areas of life, culture and art and daily living in science and all that. But among the pioneers, Sandra. Oh, oh, yeah. One of. Of them and women named Tara westover which I kept what's who is that? My look she wrote a book. That's incredible. It's called educated. She was from a Mormon fundamentalist family in Idaho. Survivalists, you know, real none of them had birth family of six kids. None of them had birth certificates that kind of thing all born at home and their the their family didn't home, my education, only education only. But she said she was she was she has a two or three older siblings. They had the home education. But by the time, they got to her and her younger sister. Nobody cared. They just they didn't try to educate them at home rails read what they want. But she had this thirst for knowledge, Tara westover? And so and she's ended up going to Cambridge. And she she finally decided she wanted to go to school real school went and any. She's written this book called educated about her life and how she grew up in this Mormon fundamentalist family. And it's really a fascinating book. It's a great book. You should understand. They had to do some last minute changing to the list put Tiger Woods on there. I don't see him. Let's see I read that in another article might be he might be there. He is Michelle Obama's on the list, Arianna 'Grande Amelia Clark. These people the artist Wayne Johnson. Marsha ali. These are people in the art breed Larson, Gwen close. What's interesting about this list too? Is that this is the time magazine most one hundred influential people each person is profiled, and it's like a friend of theirs or a co worker or somebody who knows them has written the little profile about them. For instance, the terror westover one the woman, I was just talking about Bill Gates wrote it, really. Yeah. He said he sat down with her and talk to her for a long time about some idea. She had about. You know, how to how to save the world, essentially. And he said, she's one of the most fascinating people. I've ever spoken to write wrote this little profile over pretty cool. It's a it's a it's a pretty fascinating list, and it's gonna. Yeah. There's Tiger Woods. He's in the titans category along with LeBron James. But then people like this who I've never heard of. Let's see in titans. Pat McGrath who I don't know who that is moot. Cash. I'm bonnie. Alex Morgan, Ren, Zang Fay. So there are just these names that you don't know. So, but you can click on each one of them and read the little the bio of each one, it's pretty pretty cool to do. I'm going to get through all of them here later on today. Let's see just quickly very funny video if you get a chance to see it kid was arrested at a mall in Florida for wrestling fake alligator. Now, he probably shouldn't have been doing that. But it was pretty funny to see. So there's this feature in the mall, and it has this kind of fake big rubber alligators sitting on it. And this kid dives on top of the alligator. And and pulls it into the pond with him, which is in the mall and starts wrestling with this fake alligator. And I I I hope he doesn't get a lot of time because it's funny. The quest for more likes. Yeah..

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