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John august thank you you are correct the lawyer is absolutely wrong writer at your lawyer couldn't be more wrong i wish i could see your lawyer right now to look them in the eye and say dear lawyer i know you meant well but you're wrong here's why when you write the statement you are essentially saying look i believe i deserve tele play credit because i believe i have met the threshold for credit that's how our credits work you hit a certain threshold you earn a credit in film it's we use percentages which is kind of a game but essentially what we say is okay if it's an original project if you're the first writer your threshold is thirty three percent of the final shooting script if you're subsequent writer it's fifty percent for other movies that are out of everybody's threshold is the same if you can show the you've written a minimum of thirty three percent of this movie then you have earned credit at that point you have a choice you can say i've earned all of the credit because i wrote ninety percent of the script you can say you know what i believe i deserve credit and just because i'm fair minded person i also think writer be should get credit but that's i leave it up to you or you can simply say i'm not here to tell you anything other than this my contributions meet the test for tele play credit i'm not saying they meet the test for sold credit you guys can determine how the rest of that is portioned that's up to you all i'm saying is the only argument on making his i've hit the threshold that is absolutely fine so your lawyer was super wrong and i gotta say people at home don't ask your lawyers these questions they're not dumb i'm not blaming they're not done and a lot of lawyers are pretty good with our credit stuff but why would you ever ask your personal attorney whose job is not say to be a lawyer administrating the credit system of the writers guild which is its own subset of jurisprudence when you can just call up your union four free the people you pay dues to say i have a question and they will give you the definitive answer which in this case i assure you would be your.

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