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Fish. Auburn loses. Cerruti has New Mexico state, which means he's eating Menes heaping spoonfuls if New Mexico state loses. New Mexico states on a comeback Filo one second left. They miss it. Three down by to your thoughts on that. Layup did you see it a wide open layup, and he just kicked out for three four centimeters away. I've been watching the foul the whole time. I didn't even see the kick in the lame inches away from lanes. Picked it out for the three ball was out in his hand. Josina Anderson's still hanging out here. Watching the end of these games. Yeah, you're right. He had an easy layup for the two to tie the game. But if he hits all these three free throws. You're not gonna care. I agree with that. Broadcast for second. How do you feel? No right now how you feel. How do you think? I feel agitated he's gonna miss one two three. He's not gonna make all three. It's called. Stouffer time. Is still alive. Now, we're wishing he hit that layup instead of the kickout I got offers. No as making both eat man as he can't make both these college basketball free. Whereas I could do about the cry. Yeah. One. I'm sorry. This is the Wilkin show on ESPN radio on the ESPN app. Presented by. We got to look at Chuck Chuck. This is our eating challenge. This is why we put something on it right here. This these moments Nuno against the Rudy mayo against Kafelnikov fish, Mexico state against Albert one free throw right here..

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